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The pink Salmon migrated at two different times in two different groups. The Salmon migrated at the end of August and during the start of September. In 1979 the scientists used a marker to allow for tracking of pink Salmon. The scientists marked about 1/3 of the population of pink Salmon. Over the years as the streams began to warm up, the scientists realized that even though the amount of Salmon did not decrease, the proportion of fish migrating at a time did by about 5 percent.

Since Salmon were not dying, the fish must have been migrating earlier or later. After a few years, the scientists stated that the fish went back to their normal migration pattern. Over the years many scientists have proposed that our climate is changing due to human interference. Some things that may be affecting our climate would be carbon dioxide, garbage in landfills, and human waste not being disposed of properly. Although bad human actions may not be visible in a short period of time, over a vast period of time these changes become evident.

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A word used to describe an animal’s ability to change its phenotype in reaction to the environment is known as phenotypes plasticity. Evidence for phenotypes change due to climate change is very well known, although evidence that actually supports this honeymoon is very rare which is why this study is a vital. Over the 32-year period that these scientists have been observing these Salmon, they have discovered that the fish now migrate two weeks earlier then they did 40 years ago.

As mentioned earlier, humans are not able to view these changes on a day-to-day basis but over time are able to see the change. These changes refer to microinstruction, which relates to how frequent changes occur in a population over time. Microinstruction can be caused by mutations, natural selection, and gene migration. Natural selection can also be applied to this study because if invisible mutations occurred such as the Salmons blood being a little warmer then previous years, they would want to migrate earlier to stay warmer.

Throughout the Salmons life, its genomes would interact with their environment to cause variations in traits. If these genomes were altered in any way, the genomes could be passed on from generation to generation through reproduction and mutations to these genes. Since it took the Salmon 40 years to migrate two weeks earlier, we are able to see that natural selection is a gradual process. Charles Darwin a famous evolutionist presented this dead in 1859, and this idea seems to be the most direct answer for how species evolved in the evolutionary model.

Mr.. Jehovah a doctoral student at University of Alaska, Fairbanks said, “It’s sort of reassuring that organisms have the potential to adapt to the really major changes that are occurring, but the fact that climate change is already forcing evolutionary changes should be raising red flags for resource managers Ana ten general puddle alike. ” Based on tons study, our collects snouts nave a raised concern about the impact that an individual has on our world and how to get rid of our bad habits to prolong the life of the environment.

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