Climate Change and the Effect on Assignment

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At what cost are we willing to pay to bring impairment to the planet and every creature that roams around it? Climate change is abomination to the planet, because it affect the ecosystem and continues to be a treat to the species that occupy this planet. Climate change has become a hot topic used by presidents, kings, Queen and dignitary well addressing the nation or their fellow politicians. Every day a piece of the environment is destroyed, and this leads to climate change. It’s more like the ecosystem where everything must stay attached in order for the circulation to continues, take one piece out and disasters follows.

According o the National Wildlife Federation, climate change would have dire consequences for the state of New Hampshire. Forests are likely to shift from conifer and mixed forests to temperate deciduous forests, and species such as the sugar maple, of importance to hundreds of maple syrup producers, could disappear you may not surfer the consequence but that doesn’t mean that some else wasn’t affect by those action. Animal and plant are the vague of extension because of what we have done to this planet. Scientists around the world predict that without the change of global warming some animals re not going to survive.

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As the world temperature rises, it creates a big change in climatic conditions, and this can harm the delicate ecosystem which animals live in. Polar bear, which use the sea ice for floating platform to catch its meals and rise its meals face endangerment because the arctic sea seems to be melting at 9% each decade. “The North Atlantic right whale is one of the most endangered of all large whales, with a long history of human exploitation. Since warming waters contain less plankton for whales to feed on, the availability of food due to climate fluctuations is also becoming an increasing cause of mortality.

Between 300 and 350 individuals still exist, with little hope of population growth”. (move. Eh. Com) “Experts estimate there are as few as 3,200 tigers left in the wild, due to poaching, the loss of their habitat and depletion of the tigers natural prey. Hunters, traders and poor local residents use the forest for us bioscience, directly competing with the tiger. Some of the largest remaining areas where tigers occur are the mangrove forests of India. The projected rise in sea levels could cause these living spaces of the tiger to vanish altogether”. Gallagher. Mom. Esp… DDCD. Deed) panda also are a part of the endangered species, but it remains uncertain due to the number of threats in its forest habitat and panda are more isolated from each other. Elephants are endangered because of their variable task and the huge body makes them venerable when chased, and the fact that the living space is shirking. More species suffer from the climate change than others, but the question still remain how to avoid this problem. As much damage as people are doing to worsen this threat study show that climate change maybe manageable.

It may remain that way if the temperature does not go up ICC Otherwise it will be little too late. With this late development means that humans can tackle the issue by waste less electricity and water around your home, conserving and protecting forests, be more efficient in the usage of motorized vehicles and reduce, reuse and recycle. When the guideline to pave against climate change are implemented. It is not a cause for celebration but a stepping stone towards success. The idea is take a step at a time for man has learnt from his failures and successes.

The important thing to know is there some sort of action taking place to prevent more increase in the climate change, and everyone is invited jump in and take action. For war is won by men/women, every contribution just brings us closer to that goal. The effort of climate change are varied and pervasive with a consequence to the species that occupy the planet. Without quick and decisive action the endangered species are no longer going to be endangered but extent. The action for today can only be strengthen rather than weakened, for climate change has become a huge obstacle, “the only use of an obstacle is to be overcome.

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