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To what extent have newspaper become an outdated source of information? Consider this question in relation to other forms of media used today to communicate information in a globalizes world Newspaper is the source of information for every type of people. Traditionally, Newspaper is a medium of information and the tool for communication. People in every class have to absorb the knowledge and information from the newspaper to connect and have a discussion to other people, so they always buy the newspaper on the street to read and to be informed the news.

In the 21st century, the world has en changed considerably; as a result of it, newspaper is becoming less popular than in the past. Access to the news through other types of media such as radio, television, social network and the Internet is spread among people while in the past newspapers play an important role in people’s lives. People can get news about international, social and political circumstances very easily and conveniently. Although newspapers have a great-depth in detail and have many critical opinions of journalists, the news offered by the newspaper may become out of date.

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This essay examines how the swappers why the newspaper may become outdated if compared to other sources of media in the modern world. There are a number of reasons why newspaper will be out of date in the future. First of all, the new technological changes such as using telephone, Internet and television have an influence on journalism in writing newspaper. New technologies have an effect on how journalists do their jobs. For examples, the introduction of the telephone to news room in early 1 9005 mainly leads the journalists to communicate and gather news instead of reading newspapers.

Journalists always have an interview via the telephone. In addition, the Internet is the important media that nowadays becoming common in people’s lives. It’s very useful for journalists to improve the quality of news-gathering check facts and find sources off the web from list-serves and chat room. It can help journalist analyze the information very effectively when journalists are going online which is much easier for journalists to find information.

For instance, According to Research by public relation professional Dan Middlebury and journalism professor Steve Ross, it was said hat journalist now use online tools for researching and reporting and fully 93 per cent of respondents say their staffs use online services every day. As a result of the new technology, the popularity of newspaper is weakening. Secondly, People always have to wait for the details in the newspaper until the next morning to absorb the latest information which is a waste of time if compared to other media such as Internet and television.

Every type of people is able to search for the information that can access the source through Internet instead of buying newspapers very simply. For instances, according to pronouncement from Federal Chairman Alan, reports on online financial news site such as www. Dustsheet. Com can influence market performance in seconds, as day traders react to the instant reporting of company performance reports. In addition, Internet has an effect on the nature of news content. As a consequence, people don’t want to wait for reading newspaper in the next day. They can find what they want to read through the website that is related to the new immediately.

Television is also the new technology that impacts on the newspaper. It can spread the news s soon as the popular situation has happened. It can show the picture through the television and there are reporters to tell all the stories. Bowel’s study showed that prior to the use of video, television news reports features longer shots fewer edits and more slowly paced narrative. However, after the introduction of video exerted a powerful influence on network news, edits became faster-paced and the narrative became much faster-paced. Also, the pictures in the newspaper are not as attractive as the picture that are able to move in the television .

Because of this reason, people are more likely to use he Internet rather than reading newspaper in the future. Thirdly, the relationship between GAP and newspaper advertising expenditure is weakening that may lead the newspapers revenue growth to be needed for sustainability. The several choices Of more media Were able to lead the readers to choose other form of media for their informational needs. This trend is seen in the fact that in 1950,356 persons out of 1000 in the United States received a newspaper but only 1 98 did so in 2000 which can affect the decrease in advertising rates.

Also, there is an example in figure which can e illustrated that the classified advertising category is highly concerned and it was expected that there is a decline in a year to come, if newspaper cannot stem the flow of classified expenditure to the Internet. In conclusion, new technologies nowadays have a negative impact on newspaper. It can be said that newspaper will become outdated in next future because it would be more convenient and easy to use other media such as Internet television and radio instead of using newspaper. New media can help people access the information and find the source faster than reading a newspaper.

However, by comparison to other industry, newspaper has had long cycle. Therefore, newspaper could find the way out to increase the growth of revenue for sustainability.

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