Changing journalism in the digital age Assignment

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I think most people are aware that the newspaper industry, in particular, is in trouble. The Internet and modern technology have changed the way we get and consume news. It’s also changed the way the news itself is gathered. There are several ways that the Internet and technology have changed news and I’m sure my thoughts here are only going to skim the surface. First, a little history, back in the pre-internet days about fifteen years ago news was hard to come by.

We didn’t get any information internationally, or even nationally, without the newspaper and to a lesser degree the radio and Television, but mostly the newspaper. The entire intents of an hour long evening news bulletin would not take up the space of the front page of most newspapers of record, so it was to newspapers we looked for local, national, and international news. I haven’t read a newspaper on a regular basis in almost 10 years. I believe that no newspaper will ever be able to give that personalized look at the world as it evolves.

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As an indication of how much the news industry has changed, The Tehran Bureau, published by volunteers out a small suburban house in Massachusetts, has had very accurate and detailed information about what is going on in Iran while the mainstream media have been sidelined by he officials in the country and not able to report. Their information was being quoted and reported by mainstream media who can’t get the coverage from their traditional channels.

None of this could of happened without the Internet infrastructure and specific technologies that sits on top of it all, and sometimes link into other technologies like the cellular phone network system. I can say that I honestly believe that the newspaper industry will be totally gone within the next five years because the Internet technology is taking over the news media world. Changing journalism in the digital age By Lisa-Salesman

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