A Nursing Program Assignment

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Becoming a successful student not only talks about the highest grade but also about building characters, such as improving in time management skills, more commitment to others with put others need over our own need. In this essay, I will explore two important keys that could help me more succeed in the long term, such as time management skills and find my learning style, and commitment. Time management involves understanding how I choose to spend my time, setting goals and proportioning, and having the motivation to change my behaviors.

We all have the same amount of time each week -?? 168 hours. So, I have to use my time more wisely than now while I do not know how my time is spent. To become a better time manager, I must flirts understand how I am currently spending. I will start to manage my time by study at least 4 hours every day for every lecture. I will not wait until the night before to study, even if understand the material. If I do not understand what the nursing instructor said during lecture, approach the lecturer and ask to have it explained to me again.

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Determine what kind of learner I am, such as visual or auditory, and find resources that suit my learning style, such as flash cards, scenarios, taped lectures, or videos. Moreover, realize that certain personal events may have to be put on hold while school is in session such as parties, outings, children’s games, and housework in order to have sufficient study time. Nursing school is difficult- accept this reality and work hard, perhaps harder than ever did before. Therefore, commitment on schedule time to study that is write in study time planner as if it were an appointment.

The most important is ‘Stick to the schedule! ” In other word, should start to think “be prepared to be overwhelmed! ” The amount of information reviewed in lecture, addressed In course materials, and clinical experience may be overwhelming. To conclude, time management and commitment are the most important way to succeed in the program, which means always keep organized, use a planner, and plan ahead and do not wait until the last minute to study. My study schedule is not the time I am in class, but rather the time I am studying outside of class.

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