A Career in Radiology Assignment

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A Career in Radiology I want to be a radiologist to help people in need. I have been a CNA for over six years, and I get joy out of helping others and meeting new people. Taking up radiology will give me a fresh start in a new part of medicine to help others that need help. Also a career in radiology will give me the means to support my family better than I can right now. Learning a new profession in the medical field gives me the opportunity to advance more quickly for more job opportunities, the more you know the more jobs you can get.

To begin a career in radiology according to the American Society of Radiologist Technologists, you at least need a GPA of 2. 5 or higher, and to start off a certification in radiology. If you decide to go farther into radiology you will need to get an associates degree not just a certificate. I plan on getting my degree from Piedmont Technical College. The Piedmont Technical College student hand book tells me to take Bio 210, Eng 101, Mat 102, Psy 201, Cpt 101, Bio 211, Elective, AHS 106, and I have 20 different RAD classes to take.

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Also according to the American Society of Radiologist Technologists I can get a scholarship from Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholoarship, Proffessional Advancement Scholoarship, Stafford loan, Pell Grants and my employer also helps with tuition if I keep my average up and work for them 2 years after I graduate. I can also get on the job training to learn different types of radiology equipments to use. There are many requirements and qualifications for a career in radiology.

Some of the requirements are to perform imaging examinations, explain the procedure to the patient, remove jewelry and position the patients on the table to get the proper view for the x-ray. Following physicians orders precisely and conform to regulations is a must and keeping patients records. May have to work 40 hours or more per week, may have evening and weekend on call hours. Many radiologists also work part-time for more than one employer and travel to and from different facilities.

One of the qualifications of radiology is physical stamina. You have to be on your feet long periods of time, have to lift and turn patients of all sizes, and you may have to push heavy equipment to do portable x-rays. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook radiologist make a very good salary. Most of the beginning salaries start out at 35,000 a year, to an average salary of 42,500 and to the exceptional salary of 74,970.

In the near future there are thousands of potential job openings in the career of radiology. So the expenses of books, uniforms, and licenses and time away from my family will pay off with my degree in radiology. Radiologists have a high chance of advancement and opportunity in the medical field. After studying information about a career in radiology my mind is set even more on completing my goal and dream of being a radiologist.

Radiology will provide me with a fresh start in the medical field to add to my other certifications so I can work with a variety of skills in the medical field. It also gives me a need of helping people in a different way so I will not get burned out by doing the same medical practices. Radiology has a high advancement rate in the medical field. I can advance to a manager and supervisor position if I go back and get my bachelor’s degree which I plan on getting. Radiology is the perfect career for me.

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