Radiology Leadership Assignment

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The article not only discusses the role of the leader during the event, but also the observations and lessons learned following the event and the core management of training, and coping mechanisms. Findings in Article (one paragraph): This article does an outstanding job of describing the role of leadership in crisis situations and the skills needed to support the staff after the incident. Radiology leadership is not only involved in managing the imaging needs of the trauma cities, but also in coordinating the clerical staff to ensure patient identification is obtained.

The needs of the patients not associated with the event are also the responsibility of the radiology leadership. The author explains how important the visibility of management is to the staff, not only in the terms of supervision, but to also show support of the individuals that are taking care of the trauma victims in a professional manner. The article mentions several times that the responsibility of leadership is not just to direct, but to lead by example, this lids confidence in the staff by showing that leadership is willing to be there for them and support them as they perform their job duties.

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This article emphasizes the role of the servant leaders and describes the rules of management that incorporate coaching, skill assessment, managing staff, equipment, and resources. Finally, the article discusses the effects a traumatic event like this can have on the staff. Insuring that the emotional needs of the staff members after the traumatic event are taking care of and the proper resources are available for hem to work through their emotional reactions.

Finally, the after event evaluation determined that additional, more realistic, training was needed to better prepare the staff for these types of events. Assessment (one paragraph): During my career I have had the opportunity to both work disaster events as a staff level CT technologist and as an administrator. The disaster event I worked as a staff level CT technologist involved a train derailment with multiple high acuity trauma patients. During this event I learned a great deal from y radiology administrator about how not to handle a disaster event from a leadership standpoint.

My administrator did not support the staff in any of the ways described within this article. His involvement consists of walking around from area to area drinking a cup of coffee insuring that each area was busy. As a radiology administrator I have worked several disaster events and participated in more than half a dozen multi-facility disaster preparedness drills. This article could serve as a radiology administrator’s guide line to leadership ring crisis situations.

Thankfully, these type of events do not occur routinely, but without articles like this one to provide leaders with a framework for action, administrators must learn these lessons during these events. This article was extremely informational and I am going to send an electronic copy of this article to my leadership team to ensure they have this information since we’re managing in the only level I trauma center in the state. This type of information is invaluable and will serve them well.

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