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So the early start of activity A is zero. Owing to 4 days duration, the earliest finish time of activity A is 4 days. Adding the duration of each activity, OFT of final activity Q is 88 days. In reverse pass, it begins from the end of the network I. E. 88 days and allocates the Lists for each activity. According to Turner (1 999), in the back pass, the early finish of last activity transfers to its late finish. Total float equals to late start date minus early start date. 3.

Explain how you determined the project duration and the critical path. According to Gray & Larson (2006), they think that the earliest finish time of the final activity of reject In the forward pass Is Identified as the project duration through beginning at the first actively and then adding the actively duration. In the network diagram drawn, the project duration is 88 days. In the work of Turner (1999), the critical path consists of the activities which are zero in total float.

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If those activities have some changes, the early finish time of the project will be affected. According to the network diagram which is drawn, the critical path of the project in the case consists of A, D, G, H, l, K, L, M, N, P and Q. 4. If the project starts on the Monday 7 January 2013, what Is the earliest date it can be completed using a 5 day working week? Assume no other holidays (explain how you calculated the figure). The project begins on Monday 7 January 2013.

From network diagram drawn, there are 93 days using 5-day working week to complete the whole project. Table 2 shows calendar of 2013. In conclusion, the earliest date of completion of the project is on Wednesday 8th May 2012. Month January February March April May Total Working days (exclude weekends) 19 20 21 6 Earliest Date 8th May, 2012 Table 2: Earliest Date of Project 5. If the following happened what would be the effect on the duration of the whole project? Explain the reasons. A) Activity B is delayed 1 days.

If there is a I-day delay during activity B, it will not affect the duration of whole project because activity B is not on the critical path and has 4 days in total float to cover 1 days delay. B) Activity P is delayed 1 days. If activity P is delayed 1 day, it will lead to 1 day delay in the duration of whole project since it is the activity of critical path and has zero total float. ) Activity O is delayed 2 day. If there is 2 days delay during activity O, it will not affect the duration of whole project because it is not on the critical path. . Explain the limitations of Network diagrams. Waller (1999) claims that there are some limitations when utilizing network diagrams. Firstly, using network diagram is time consuming and costly in that it needs to involve detecting the logical relationship between activities and so on. Secondly, the precedence relationships built up may not be accurate, thus leading to upset the project schedule. Thirdly, sometimes it is difficult to estimate the estimated time, although similar past projects are useful in helping in this respect.

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