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One Read through the directions on the Zoo Day handout ahead of time. Bring handout and all materials necessary to complete the assignment. Plan to be at the zoo for 2 hours, dress appropriately. Meet at the South gate (main zoo entrance) on 50th street at the entrance at 930 on Saturday April 12th. If you cannot make this time you may go on your own. Part Two On Zoo Day you will split up and collect data following the handout instructions on grizzly bears pats monkeys wolves signings lions wild dogs Part Three Using your experiences collecting the data address the billeted points below.

Keep in mind the topics used as premises for the studies when answering and assume these observations are ongoing, not Just the one day. Attach your completed data sheets to your write-up. This assignment should be no more than 2 pages in length, use past tense. For each of the 6 animal groups name briefly describe the sampling and recording rules for each (be specific and concise). Explain the pros and cons of continuous and instantaneous sampling, and focal and group observation methods (be sure to illustrate your points using specific examples drawn from your experiences with these data sets).

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Describe two changes you could make to the methodology (any aspect of the way in which you collected any of the data) that would have made the observations better/easier/more accurate be specific which data set(s) you are referring to. Be sure to defend your suggestions why would these changes make a difference Using any of these animal groups, come up with a new potential topic for study and a testable hypothesis to go with it -be sure to express the prediction clearly -label the IV(s) and DVD(s). ZOO assignment By Cropping Michael-Expert

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