El Rey’s Assignment

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The following questions are based on the “Chocolates El Ere’ case study. This assignment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to apply the course concepts to a case situation. This is strictly an individual assignment that is to be submitted to the program portal no later than 1 1 :59 pm (est.) on Sunday, November 2, 2014. (Please see academic Integrity Policy on reverse side). For the purposes of this assignment, when considering El Rye’s growth options, please work with the following two assumptions: 1) Ignore the “industrial market” option as it suggests pursuing a cheaper product. ) Just focus on the US market. Question 1 By drawing on the information from the case study as well as any reasonable assumptions you wish to make (clearly stating your assumptions), provide a thorough customer analysis of either one of these target customers: I) The end consumer who would buy premium chocolate in retail outlets; OR it) The high end food service customer (I. E. Chefs). Question 2 Given the target customer you chose to profile in Question 1 , devise a brand strategy hat you feel would best appeal to that target customer.

In putting together this brand strategy, assume that you are consulting for El Ere and you are working to recommend the ideal brand strategy for their consideration for that target customer. Question 3 Given the target customer you have profiled (in Question 1) and the brand strategy that you believe would be ideal to appeal to this customer (in Question 2), do you feel that El Ere should go ahead with this expansion plan to that target customer? Justify the strategic logic of your recommendation.

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