Year Internship Assessment Assignment

Year Internship Assessment Assignment Words: 407

This report is due on the 13th February 2015. Ate reports will not be accepted = O. Note that the report and all attachments must be in one document and in a . Doc format and onto . Doc format. A daily blob (diary/journal) for the first 3 months is to be kept and attached in your appendices. This will be a record of managerial experiences as they occur throughout the week (Word document in English). You must then use this as a basis for reflection and analysis in your report text. In addition to your blob, your appendices should collate evidence collected wrought your internship. . E. Transcript of interview (you interview your manager re: becoming a manager), Organizational Chart, company/property fact sheet, SOOT Analysis (managerial experiences during internship), brief summary of your 5 year career plan after graduation, and any other appropriate materials to refer to in your report. Aim The aim of this assignment is to assist students in their progressive personal development and allow for appraisal of the supervisory/managerial learning process facilitated by the second internship experience.

Internship Report Guidelines As a guideline, the written format of this report is to reflect the following: Introduction use appropriate introduction format. Role Analysis Evaluation of job expectations in terms of position, duties, place of work and general working conditions Managerial Experiences Summarizing key events contained in your blob, which had a personal relevance to your studies in a supervisory/management context Reflective Performance Analysis of personal reactions to the managerial experiences outlined previously.

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Proposed Solutions Suggestions of improvements considered in relation to personal managerial performance. Capability with Future Development Critical reflection of the second internship as an experience in relation to your long-term career goals. Appendices (to support as evidence) Intended Learning Outcomes Appreciate the importance of practical application of lessons learned during the academic Semester. Ability to self-assess performance in relation to managerial experiences. Understand the importance of personal development.

Create a reflective record for future professional reference and employability. Marks will be awarded according to the following criteria: Criteria Weighting % Knowledge/Understanding Developed a detailed knowledge of the job expectations relative to the level through comprehensive blobs. Analysis/Evacuation Analyses a range of information by applying main concepts learned during studies. Has selected appropriate techniques of evaluation. Has demonstrated ability to determine relevancy and to be selective to support a glacial and well structured report.

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