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Bad is a non-profit organization that publishes magazines and provides counseling services such as phone counseling, email counseling, face to face counseling. My mall Job responsible Is to writing articles and phone counseling, other than that, there are some minor responsible for the Job, such as help Administrative Department if needed. In phone counseling section, I need to record the cases, my suggestion and my analysis of the cases, for the purpose of follow up when other counselors pick up the phone.

For certain cases, we are referring to some centers to follow up or In need, such as unmarried mother. Except phone counseling, another opportunity of this job is able to write articles regarding counseling. I have to come out a topic about some issue regarding youth, such as financial management, thanksgiving, and etc. While the time that writing articles, I have to collect some resources from various area, for example, online websites, magazines, and some books.

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Articles writing also required some technique that different from assignments and report. When I writing an articles, that prefer to SE the word “we” rather than “you” or “them” in order to bring a closer distant to reader and similarity as well, and also, there Is no blaming Issue happen by using word “we” so that we are not bring offend towards anyone. 2. 0 VALUE 2. 1 Person-centered Therapy The most common therapy matter being used nowadays Is Person-centered Therapy, in which the people are the center of the counseling section.

Even we learned it from very beginning, but there are mistakes that I make subconsciously, like blaming fault. Even some mistakes that I know very well and trying to avoid, but cause of never realized that, I been made all those mistakes that shouldn’t make In any condition. Fortunately, my “teacher” is there to tell me where I make mistakes. As my supervisor told me, they can’t make adjustment for every word from my mouth towards people, and yet, that might cause their disappointment towards phone counseling If I not doing In a good way. 2. Practical Counseling Technique Every words that we say in counseling section is directly transfer to people, there is no time to consider what therapy matter to use during that time. The things that we can do are analyze what the people say and find out the root of the problem, and then, we take all useful Information to help people to solve their problems. Sometimes, they are troubled because they don’t know what to do with the problem, and they call for a solution. That might break the rule of not giving any opinion or 1 OFF know what to do.

Therefore, we will give some unavoidable opinion in certain situation, and we try to minimize the space to people to ask for opinion, even though they ask, we are not giving if that can be avoid. According my supervisor, we should ask people to step out the first step if possible, for the first step is the important action to solve problem. Without the first step, there is no further to move on. 2. 3 Selective Attention Every counselor will be facing the same problem during counseling section, the client/patient talk many things and yet not everything related or useful.

Therefore, we need to filter out some “rubbish information” or repeated phrase. Selective attention is what we need within the counseling section, as we have limited time to hold the hone counseling. Within about 20-30 minutes, we have to know what the problem(s) is/are and get as much useful information as we could to examine the problem(s), so we can guide people to a right way to solve the problem. Indeed, selective attention is the useful element for counseling section that to eliminate the information that not helping in solving the problem(s). . 4 Multitasking skill Due to hearing phone counseling and article writing in the same time, I may apply multitasking in the situation. There is no sign to know hotlist will ring during I doing y other works such as writing article, therefore sometimes that may required multitasking skill to handle the situation. To remember what the people say and come out with a suggestion at the same time required not only multitasking skill alone, that may also recall short term memory.

Sometimes, there are more than Just two things to handle if I’m alone in the office while others went out or doing things, that time is the best time to practice multitasking skill for future. A man who can handle multiple things at the same time may not be qualified to enter a good ignition, but that easily to be put in consideration as many Jobs required multitasking skill. There are some expectations for every Job; The Bridge Communication Sad Bad is not the exception.

I have 2 expectations when I decided to start my internship in The Bridge Communication Sad Bad. 3. 1 Practical Counseling Technique Every student who enters a counseling organization or department may expect to gain some practical counseling techniques to equip ourselves for future path. Even though we learned many theories and matters from textbooks in class, but to practice t is never same like Just an assignment. In counseling department, I would like to learn how to have a counseling section with all the things I learned.

That is a truth for everyone who been working in counseling services, what we learn and what we practice can be very different. During counseling, there is no therapy matter but only some rules to be aware, such as no offend or blaming, always request people to take a first step. 3. 2 Articles Writing Skill As expect before internship start in The Bridge Communication Sad Bad for articles writing been mentioned as one of the Job description, I excited to have this as part of my work.

Most of the organization didn’t manage to offer articles writing to internship students, even employees since they have no magazine publication within the organization. This would be the interesting Job description for an internship student to learn more through writing articles, in which I can improve and corrected patients for that may bring either positive or negative effect towards them, yet, that lead a perception of counseling towards people.

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