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Test Participation in organized sports is a known stress relief. Students who participate in organized sports are said to be more focused in the classroom. Also, by students keeping a busy schedule they are more likely to stay out of trouble. I am for the required participation of an organized sport. I believe that students keeping busy actually makes them more motivated and successful in the real world because they were pushed to balance an assortment of tasks when they were still in school.

By doing so, they will experiment with deadlines and a busy schedule but also learn how to multitask. During my high school years, I played tennis in the fall. During tennis season, I would be more focused on my school work and also make sure that assignments were completed around my tennis schedule so that I was able to meet given deadlines. found that during tennis I was more focused on my school work and I didn’t wait until last minute to complete assignments.

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With too much time on my hands in the off season, I procrastinated severely and this showed in my assignments. By giving students a choice in what organized sport they choose to participate, they are involved in an important part of the educational xperience and also able to control what extracurricular they wish to participate in. Organized sports also promote teamwork. By doing so, students can learn how it feels to be part of a group who relies on them.

This will help them later on in life when they are required to work in group like situations. Students joining these sports will also have exercise daily. This will help them become or stay healthy individuals and promote healthy habits. Building teamwork, promoting exercise, and learning how to multitask are reasons why I believe that requiring participation in organized school sports should be required.

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