Why the Ability to Write Is Important Assignment

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The ability to write is very important in today’s society. This is because writing has been incorporated into many of the things we do in everyday life. Whether it’s in a classroom setting, at home, or at work; being able to write is a skill that is often taken for granted. Without this ability it would be hard to function and keep up with life as we know it. For example, in school being able to write allows us to keep notes, or written records of what we have been taught. Writing on tests and quizzes rather than having the teacher give each student a private oral exam saves time and is more efficient.

The teacher also writes on the board and hands out written works for the students to go over and learn. Grading on papers is written out so that it can be quickly read, rather than the teacher telling each student individually what he thought of their assignment. In short, without writing it would be hard to have a working school system. Some kids tend to make the common misconception that school is the only time or place one will need to possess the ability to write. This notion, of course, is completely untrue. At home most of us do a lot of writing too. Writing down things helps people remember and organize their ideas.

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For example, in my house we have: a grocery list on the refrigerator everyone adds to, notes between my parents reminding each other what they need to do, and events that need to be remembered written on the calendar. Using technology and typing is obviously another situation in which one must know how to write. Email, instant messenger, and text messages; all important communication devices in today’s society, would be Impossible to use without the ability to write. Lastly, wherever a person gets a Job they will most likely have to do some form of writing.

Receptionists rite notes to serve as reminders, architects write down measurements, chefs write down recipes, waiters write down large orders, and so on. Regardless If there Is any real writing required for the Job one has, a person Is extremely unlikely to get hired for that Job if they are Illiterate and cannot even fill out a Job application. In conclusion, the ability to write Is essential In today’s society. One cannot succeed In school, at home, or at work without knowing how to write. This skill Is very Important and valuable In every person’s life. However, without the ability to read the ability to write would be completely useless.

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