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Assignment: 2 Introduction Teenage pregnancy is a new arena of attention and understanding for the developed nations. In terms of both the social and economic health of mothers and their children teenage pregnancy crisis cost is high. It has direct relationship with poverty and underdevelopment. The desired socio –economic development of a nation cannot be possible without the presence of a healthy and optimum population. The past two decades have witnessed a drastic catastrophe of teenage pregnancy in the world.

However, little progress has made in different regions, countries and even within countries. The latest data from the Office for National Statistics show teenage pregnancies are at their lowest rate since the early 1980s. The under-18 conception rate for 2009 was 38. 3 conceptions per 1,000 women aged 15 to 17. This represents a fall of 5. 9% compared with 40. 7 conceptions per 1,000 women aged 15 to 17 in 2008. Other interesting facts include:

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The number of conceptions to women aged under 18 was 38,259 in 2009 compared with 41,361 in 2008, a decline of 7. 5% Nearly half (48. 8%) of conceptions to women aged under 18 in 2009 led to a legal abortion The number of conceptions to girls aged under 16 was 7,158 in 2009, compared with 7,586 in 2008 (a decrease of 5. 6%) Three-fifths (59. 8%) of conceptions to girls aged under 16 in 2009 led to a legal abortion (http://www. guardian. co. uk/news/datablog/2011/feb/22/teenage-pregnancy-rates-england-wales-map) This situation cannot allow to be continued.

The intervention must start for raising awareness and reduce teenage pregnancy rate immediately . The necessary services are neither sophisticated nor very expensive. Reducing teenage pregnancy is one of the cost effective strategies available in the area of public health. Objectives of the Study Generally objectives describe the reasonable and acceptable contribution of the study for a group of people, community or country. The objectives of this campaign are as follows: Create an opportunity to directly involve the teenagers with the practical situation and increase their awareness through a positive approach of reducing teenage pregnancy; Try to get in touch the message in all section of people in UK and over the World; Asses the overall scenario of teenage pregnancy for further research Try to figure out the risk and make some recommendations to diminish these risks and limitations . Why choose this idea Pregnancy and childbirth are the special events in women’s lives and, indeed, in the lives of their families.

This can be a great time of hope and joyful anticipation. Now a day, sexual activity among teenagers tends to be sporadic; consequently, teenagers have high rates of unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortions, and STIs. Realizing the situation NHS Bedfordshire and the authority of university try to explore some new area of research for handling the situation ideally. It will be more prominent if we analyze the recent data of Bedfordshire regarding teenage pregnancy. .

Table 1: Bedford Borough under 18-conception rate-‘Hot Spot’ Wards 2005-2007 & 2006-2008: |Ward |conception |Conception |conception |Conception | | |rate 2005-2007 U18 |number |rate 2006- |number | | | |2005-2007 |2008 |2006-2008 | | | |U18 | | | |Goldington |70. 7 |34 |62. 0 |30 | |Kingsbrook |67. 9 |30 |82. 2 |36 | |Newnham |60. 2 |20 |51. 7 |17 | |Kempston East |54. 3 |19 |60. 9 |21 | |Cauldwell |53. 5 |30 |50. 8 |29 | |Castle |52. 55 (for |24 |53. 8 |24 | |comparison | | | | Source: ONS 2010 & 2011 Considering the importance of the issue and partial fulfilment of project entrepreneurship module, we selected the topic why teenage pregnancy matter. To extricate something new solution in this field in our first assignment we passed through a lot of idea. Finally we choose our campaign idea “Making video documentary competition on the effect of teenage pregnancy among the teenage boys”. The idea “competition” basically make them attracts because in any competition there is a chance of being awarded. or this consequence they will tried their level best to be winner. We are optimistic that this idea will be an effective way of awareness for reducing teenage pregnancy in NHS Bedfordshire and the whole world as well. We proposed campaign idea will be one of the positive approach of reducing teenage pregnancy. Besides this there are some more reasons: Evidence shows that there is a lot of advice and research out there for girls who find themselves facing an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy but there is very little information out there for guys. .for this consequence all too often when the pregnancy is announced the person gets lost in the confusion.

However, teen fatherhood is not an affair taken lightly and also in the matter of responsibilities to the mother and the child. Teens are eager to creativity and technology as well. Video documentary is the combination of two. Therefore, it will attract them easily. Open a new window of raising awareness throughout the world by upload it in you tube. . This motto convinced us we thought that pregnancy happened with the consent and mutual understanding of both of boys and girls, so keeping the boys aside it is quite impossible to achieve the desired out comes. Therefore, finally we come up the idea “Making video documentary competitions on the effect of teenage pregnancy among the teen boys”. The campaign idea in detail: Making video-documentary Competition on the effect of teenage pregnancy among the teenage boys” Making video documentary is something that is on real people in real world with real story. It is not just a mere presentation but presentation made for a specific way for someone by someone. So they have to develop in-depth idea like what is it, where it is going etc. To make the idea most effective the teenage boys will create the documentaries by themselves. Therefore, for getting very good response all the teenage boys will divide into two age groups of 14-16 years and 17-18 years. After finalise the idea NHS will seek permission from the Ministry of Education.

When ministry will give permission then an announcement as well as publicity of this competition is to be made in all secondary and sixth form schools. The teenage boys belonging to above mentioned age group will think over the matter, search teenage parents in their locality observe their poor social and economic condition, interview them, collect the opinions of local elites and politicians regarding the matter, watch other video documentaries to get the real glimpse of the idea. Finally will create 8 to 10 minutes video documentary incorporating all these gathered idea, Here they will use gadgets like video camera, mobile-phone-camera laptop etc which must be of much interest to them. The creator will upload their documentaries in a turn-it-in in the website of NHS Bedfordshire.

It should be mentioned here that the creator have a chance to upload their videos more than once, but final submission would be assessed. For identification of the creator, they must have to write their name, address and date of birth when they upload the video. Meanwhile a panel of judges will be selected for assessing and evaluating the videos neutrally and clearly. After that panel of judges will make judgments on submitted pieces of art and select the best 10(ten) videos taking (five) from each group. Finally in the funfair day the best 10 documentaries will be showed with an expectation of huge audience comprising of teenage boys, their guardians, parents, and people in all occupations.

In that day the audience, again reviewing the documentaries, and will vote for best three from each group, and will be awarded. In the celebration day, a celebrity will be invited and he/she will distribute the prizes among the winners, he /she will also deliver an inspirational speech on the stage which will be a inspiration for the teenage boys, girls and all section of people. Makinge the event more enjoyable a live concert (dj), dancing singing, will be for the audience and participant as well. The main attraction of the programme will be raffle draw. And prize giving ceremony for the lucky raffle draw winner. Beside this light refreshment will be provided for the invited guest. A number of volunteers will be recruited who are willing to volunteer.

After successful completion of the event a letter of appreciation will be issued to all the boys who have won prizes and all others those would be extended co-operation to make the events flourishing Resource required: Resources means the things are needed to complete any event or show. Without resource, it is impossible to gain the project successful. Therefore, as of today resource is one of the most important items of any project to achieve the desire objective and goal as well. As per our ideas we suggested publicity, for publicity we need posters, Banners, leaflets. Again, to make the attendance of the boys from all schools we like to send letters to all the heads of institutions. We have to hire a venue for funfair day.

The participant will be entertained with modest refreshments. A celebrity will be invited to grace the function as chief guest. Here we are thinking of vice chancellor of the University of Bedfordshire or the local Member of Parliament. For the concert a group of popular performers will be contracted. Here have talked to Mitalee Youth Association (www. mitalee. org. uk) Luton; they have consented to present a well designed stage show for half an hour and they will send two of their experienced volunteers to present the whole function as dj. the total program will be video for upload it in you tube. Cost Involved: cost is the most prominent factor of any project.

It is applicable for the smallest and the big one as well . without proper budget nothing will implemented properly. For this campaign program we have projected the following cost: VenueGBP800 LeafletsGBP150 Advertisement in local newspaper StationeryGBP120 Banner Video and photographyGBP300 MusicGBP300 PrizesGBP1600 Raffle drawsGBP200 Music/miming/dancingGBP100 SecurityGBP1000 MiscellaneousGBP 500 Total GBP Implementation time: planning time is most crucial for any project. It was found that many of the projects failed due to unplanned use of time. Every project has a beginning and an end as well. The segment of the campaign slotted as per following time schedule:

Ministry of Education approached for approval and list of schools 19 December 2011 Schools authorities approached with the plan 03-06 January 2012 Sending out of invitation letters 09-10 January 2012 Announcement and Publicity 09-27 January 2012 Cut-off day for video submission 27 January 2012 Fun Fair Day 10 February 2012 Upload of videos to the you tube 14 February 2012 Sending of letters of appreciation 15 February 2012 Target: There is a lot of advice and research out there for girls who find her selves facing an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy but there is very little information out there for guys. It takes two to make a baby but all too often when the pregnancy is announced the guy gets lost in the confusion. In this regard the boy’s plays very vital role. Keeping them aside it is quite impossible to reduce teenage pregnancy.

With this observation in mind we choose teen boys as our target group and divide them in two groups. 14-16 and 17-19. To motivate the boys in this campaign we gave special attention to schools, youth club etc. For this regard we paid special attention to the parents of teens to inspire heir child to attend the competition. Finally our target goes to all walks of people in the society to make them conscious and reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy. rewrite Outcomes: Our campaign aims to increase awareness about teen pregnancy among teenage boys, girls and finally to all. It may be right that we cannot eradicate it from the society, but we are hopeful that we can decrease it to an extent.

At present, the rate of teenage pregnancy in the area under NHS Bedfordshire is 10% when in the year 2010 it was 09%. In this campaign in question, we like to reduce it to minimum 5% in a year. The outcomes we expect in the large scale from this campaign are: a. To bring a proper attention on issue of teenage pregnancy and its impacts to teen parenthood. B. To make the teenage boys conscious about safe and planned sex C. let the babies and their mother’s life risk free d reduce the girls drop out rate from the school and get them self independent E. To deployed a good number of teenage boys as ambassadors in the anti-teenage-pregnancy campaign for the days to come . 3.

RISK: challenges or threat makes the people thoughtful, conscious vigilant However, though every steps taken very carefully but there also having some risk. But the positive side is that risk bounds people to figure out the solution. Every project involves some risks, so measures should be thought of for the alleviation of those risks. Teenage pregnancies have become a public health issue because of their observed negative effects on prenatal outcomes and long-term morbidity. Now the question is: what risks do we predict in the campaign in some of the important challenges might be faced in this campaign are Programmatic: how to integrate teenage mothers, fathers and their parents, and schools?

The teenage boys may not come up with the campaign in the excuse of studies, as many of them will be busy with their GCSE exam and their parents not interested as well Definitional: lack of accurate consent about the concept of teenage pregnancy and what it included; Ethical: how to concentrate on issues related to sexuality and reproductive rights in societies Policy related: how to promote public-private relationships Political: politicization of the issues such as abortion and reproductive rights ;sex education etc. .technical: As the idea is very much technical and need many equipments, so they may not get necessary equipments like camera, laptop laboratory etc to make documentary films or videos. Resource related: shortage of resources from the sponsors might difficult to ensure campaign successful. Critics: it will be assume that through the journey of making documentary they will be more interested to make some one pregnant. Conclusion: Teenage pregnancy is one of the biggest problem around the world. The birth rates with teens are too high.

It is assuming that proper awareness, better teaching, better education, positive family relationship and better culture is the only way to protect from this kind of issue. Some of the Organizational program has been taken focusing toward on how to prevent this kind of issue. but the issue teen pregnancy are also increasing and debating on how to prevent this kind of issue. So for achieving a very good result with the changing world we have to look for new, positive and lively approach. We believe that if the campaign has the opportunity to implement successfully then it could bring a new dimension in the area of reducing teenage pregnancy. .

Recommendations: Government must think a critical stage” and requires strong , bold and courageous stance to create a new culture for the 21st century which enables us to talk and listen to young people about sex and relationships and to give them the right sex education to grow into responsible young adults. Experts and researchers should explore more positive, innovative and dynamic idea for reducing teenage pregnancy Factors contributing to the success of some areas in reducing teenage pregnancy rates should be incorporated and implemented in other areas. Local data on teenage conceptions should be used in commissioning every after six month. This type of motivational program should be taken in all parts of the country and find out comes how it works. .

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