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Chief Executive Captain Abdul Amman Manson for giving us as his student the assignment. He gave us the chance for us doing some research and got us to get closer relationship with the lectures and student. By doing this, we can ask and help each other and later will have a good relationship to each other. To my Aviation Safety and Security, Sir Riff, I give the most gratitude and thank you for teaching and giving guidance for me to complete this assignment. Although there so much tools and frameworks to help me doing this assignment, but I also need to be teach on owe to use it.

Also, thank you for helping me the get the permission to go outside to do some research on this topic we had given for the assignment. We might cause lots of problem while doing this assignment, but we really appreciate the guidance you gave to us. Next, I would like to thank you to my friends for helping and giving me some ideas to finish up the assignment. Without their willingness to help me sharing the information and help me solve the problem that I faced while doing this assignment, I will not finish up on time.

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Lastly, I would like to give a thousand of hanks to my parent’s, for always stand behind me and keep on giving the advice. Without the accompaniment of their prayers, I may not have the strength and patience to complete the task. I had given all the effort and commitment to finish up the assignment as the best assignment among the best. So, I hope there is no problem on the assignment. 1. 0 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, safety and security is the most important thing in the world, and it is not only specific on the aviation industry but also in all industries.

In the aviation industry, safety and security play the major role especially at the airport and in the aircraft. It will effect on everything if there is no security that apply in the airport and inside the aircraft. Because of this thing, International Civil Aviation Organization 0) make a movement Dye Introduced ten Annex 1 / to ten ovulation world. Annex 17 is one of the eighteen Annex that had discussed at the convention international civil aviation. This Annex was implemented in 1970 due to a few cases and reasons. Such reasons that bring towards existence of Annex 17 are hijacking and terrorism.

It brings harms and disaster towards aviation world and need some acts or guidelines to overcome it. Annex 17 is a solution to all unlawful acts in the aviation industry as well as give right to all aviators in the world. Definition of Annex 17 is all about safety and security in aviation. Besides Annex 17, Safety Management System (SMS) also played the important role in the aviation industry. Safety Management System is the management that control all the activities that happen inside the organization. It is similar to an organization inside the company.

Each company will have human resource department to collect and control the entire employee’s data for preparation due to unexpected things. Because of to avoid and to take care if anything happen in the aviation industry, Safety Management System (SMS) being decided into four components which are Safety Risk Management (SRAM), safety policy and objectives, safety assurance and last but not least are safety promotion. In Annex 17, they have their own objectives and importance to do for the sake of safety and security of the aviation industry.

The objective that Annex 17 has been introduced is to set the minimum standard of the security risk to the aviation industry and Annex 17 also keep continuously rewritten back for making improvement in civil aviation security. The importance of Annex 17 to the aviation worldwide is to set the basis of aviation safety program for the sake of protection against acts of unlawful interference like hijacking, smuggling, bombing and so on. Other than that, Annex 17 is also to give a standard guideline for all the country that have an airport to operate the airport same like other country.

The objectives of SMS are to identify and solve dangerous conditions that are related with aviation operation and process. It is also to give the training to make an improvement on their skills. For example, pilot. The pilot will be a train on how to do if there are hijack inside the aircraft while they are still on board. This can minimize the accidents that happen at aviation worldwide and also can minimize the damage, injury and death of all people that related with the accidents. SMS also can create the good work environment for all departments.

If the environment at work place is good, of course the performance of employee will increase. Why Annex 17 and SMS are really important in the aviation world? Could you imagine what will happen to the aviation industry if there are no guidelines and acts that will support aviators? No management or organization to manage the whole aviation field to maintain the safety and perfection of airlines? Airlines and airport are two really high risk and expensive business and safety the most important matters.

What will happen if Annex 17 did not exist? Of course, there is no basis of the aviation system to every airport. When the airports have different kind of procedure, of course the security level awareness will be different too. Passengers that use airlines are not come from one country only but the whole country that have in this world. If different countries use different method or procedure, it will make the passenger fell difficult and uneasy with the situation. Malaysia takes four steps to embark the passenger.

There are personal check in, metal detector scanning, baggage or cargo check in and boarding pass check in. While Indonesia Just uses three steps only. There are baggage check in, metal detector scanning and boarding pass check in. The differences of this procedure will make passenger can’t move smoothly because of they did not know what should they do. As senior management at the airport, they must find a good solution in order to settle this problem. If the senior management do not their work efficiently, of course the operation of the airport will not run smoothly.

We need to remember that our passenger is our rarity because the passenger will give to use the profit. We might lose passenger if this problem cannot be fix it. Could you imagine what will happen if the security at the airport difference? The major effect of this problem is it can build up the hostile nation state. If hijacking happen when airline from country A fly to country B who will you blame? From my logical thinking, country B will put hundred percent blame to the Country A because of hijacking occurs during the flight.

Country B can say that the system that Country A use is not efficient and the security level at Country A are very bad. If this happen, it will make Country A feel anger and want to revenge for Country B statement. 2. 2 NO OUTLINE AND STANDARD GUIDELINE What will happen if there is no outline and standard guideline to all airports in this world? The importance of having Annex 17 and Safety Management System (SMS) is to give the outline and standard guidance to all the airports that have been registered under International Civil Aviation Organization (CIAO).

If we notice, every airport are using the same procedure for passenger before they can embark to the aircraft which are passenger identification checking, scanning through the metal detector, scanning Ana scene In ten Dagger or cargo Ana last out not least Adorning pass check before enter to the aircraft. If there is no outline and standard guideline from International Civil Aviation Organization, of course every airport will use different methods or different ways. It is quite difficult to every passenger who use the airport and also to the pilot or flight attendance.

If there is no standardized in operating the airport of course the airport will blame to others airport, and the airline will blame to other airlines when something like hijacking or bombing happen in the aviation industry. If these happen, it can lead to the hostile nation state. We cannot take all this matter easily because sometimes an occurrence could cause a very large impact on the airline industry or even in the country itself. Every airports have a standard procedure for all operations. For example, if there are two airports that use different method for vertical navigation of course it can lead to collision between the aircraft.

If the collision happens, it wills effects on the number of people died and the cost that need to pay. 2. 3 NO IMPROVEMENT IN AVIATION INDUSTRY As we know, Safety Management System (SMS) is a systematic approach to manage the safety of the aviation industry. In Safety Management System, (SMS) there are eight building blocks which are Senior Management Commitment, Effective Reporting Safety, Continuous Monitoring, Investigation, Sharing Safety Lesson, Integrated Safety Training, Implement Standard Operating Procedures and Continuous Improvement.

What will happen if Safety Management System (SMS) did not implement all this eight building blocks? We need to make an improvement in the aviation industry to be more effective and trusty. If Annex 17 did not set the protection to the civil aviation, it can make a huge problem. For example, during icing occur of course ice will form at the aircraft. If there is no training on how to overcome this problem of course the potential to aircraft crash is high. We need to investigate all the accident or incident happens to find out better solution.

If there are no investigations on every case, I am really sure the statistical of aircraft accident keep on increasing time by time. To overcome this problem, we need to investigation all the accident and then share the lessons to other airport or aviators to provide training for reduce the potential of aircraft accident happen.

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