Biology Summary Assignment

Biology Summary Assignment Words: 551

Answer the following questions using complete sentences. If you do NOT write complete sentences, you will NOT get credit for the assignment. 1 . Describe the process of wafting AND indicate when it would be used in a biology Waving your hand over the chemical so that air goes upwards and being able to smell the chemical easily. This would be used when you would have to smell a chemical in a container. 2. Describe 3 safety precautions you as an individual will take prior to starting a lab that will involve chemicals and Bunsen burners. This will differ a little between guys and gals.

Tuck in ties -Wear Aprons -Point testing tube to a place where there aren’t any people 3. After cleaning up your lab station, what is the very last thing you should always do before leaving the lab area? Explain why this procedure is so important. Wash your hands. This step is important because you might have chemicals or bacteria on your hands and it would be dangerous for you and others to leave the 4. Differentiate between how you would put out a small fire on the lab counter versus how you would put out a larger fire. Small Fires: Smothering with sand Big Fires: Use fire extinguisher 5. Inner snouts

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N EVER De an occasion winner a student In ten Logy Ian snouts have to use the eye wash. Explain why. This shouldn’t happen because if the student follows the lab rules he would be wearing safety goggles in order to avoid chemicals from entering their eyes. 6. If for some strange reason you get chemicals in your eye, how long must you wash your eye in the eye wash? 15 minutes. 7. What are the three most important things you should do if you are on fire? What lab safety equipment should you use to help put out the fire? Stop, Drop, Roll. You should use the Fire Blanket 8. Explain why you should never eat or drink while doing a lab.

It is dangerous to do this because dangerous substances could get in your food and drinks and it would be dangerous to ingest them 9. What do you do with broken glass in the science classroom? Sweep it and put it in the broken glass box 10. At a minimum, how many times should you always read the chemical label before using the chemical? Tallest Twice 1 1 . Describe the complete procedure for cleaning up an acid spill in the lab. 1. Dilute with water 2. Neutralize Walt n ease (Taking soda) 3. Put vermiculite 4. Sweep and throw away 12. What would you do differently if you spilled a base? Neutralize with an acid (vinegar) 3.

What is the proper way to point a test tube when heating it? Point it to a place where nobody is standing. 14. What is the name of the document that you and the teacher will reference to find out information on how to dispose of laboratory wastes? It will also tell you all of the dangers of the chemical, safety precautions, and first aid information. Section 13 Disposal considerations 15. Explain why you should NOT return unused chemicals back to the original stock bottle or container. It shouldn’t be done because it already made contact with oxygen and with other materials like glass.

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