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Report on importance of the right recruitment process 5 Bibliography Introduction: In this assignment I have been asked to produce documentation for specific job roles. I am employed as a graduate trainee in the Human Resources Department of Marriott Hotel Group. My task Is to assist the team in recruiting staff for a new hotel opening in Twickenham.

Furthermore I have to produce a detailed and relevant Job description and person specification. I have chosen the following job: Hotel Manager. Task 4- P3/M2 1 . Job description Job title Hotel Manager Location London Marriott Hotel Twickenham, located 6 miles from Heathrow Airport and 20mlnutes from central London Description of organisation’s business: Marriott International is an American diversified hospitality company that manages low-cost and luxurious hotels and related lodging facilities with over 4000 hotels throughout 71 countries.

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Purpose of Job To deliver a standard of service and presentation that meets guests’ needs and expectations while coordinating and monitoring the progress of business strategies. Main tasks Responsible for the day-to-day management of the hotel and its staff while dealing with budgeung and financial management, planning, organising and directing accommodation, catering and all other hotel services; setting business targets and toys the hotel follows regulations.

Hotel Manager needs to be in reception, concierge, reservation, food and beverage operations, guest services, accounting, marketing and housekeeping. Hours of work 40 hours per week Standards required Customer Service is delivering friendly, efficient service and meeting our guest’s xpectations, satisfactions while creating a warm and welcoming environment for them. Training, motivating others, retaining and attracting new customers are also part of the Job.

Pay and benefits E20. OOO per annum. The company offers competitive benefit package, hotel room discounts around the world, discounts on foods and beverages as well as retail discounts in the gift shops and competitive pay. Promotion prospects After appropriate training and experience, hotel managers may be suitable for working as a head office or working on regional level. Lines of reporting Responsible to General Manager Responsible for Managers of each department 2.

Person specification London Marriott Hotel Twickenham – Person Specification Department Hotel Manager Job Title Management- Hotel Manager Vacancy number 378 Attainments Essential desirable Educated to GSCE level Higher qualification includes Higher qualification skills: foundation degree/HND [degree Level 3 Diploma in hotel management OR Level 4 Diploma hospitality management OR Level 5 Diploma business management OR Apprenticeship international hotel management Hospitality Guilds Costumer Service written skills Numeracy Ability to manage staff interests Managing, organising people

Interest in people personal qualities Able to keep calm under pressure / disposition Friendly personality sensitive and diplomatic approach Flexiblity energy and enthusiasm competency profile Able to work in a team Able to work without control b. Report on importance of right recruitment process When organisations choose the right people for the Job, train them well and treat them appropriately, these people not only produce good results but also tend to stay with the organisation longer. In such circumstances, the organisation’s initial and ongoing investment in them is well rewarded.

Without the right staff with the right kills, a business cannot make enough products to satisfy customer requirements. This is why organisations draw up workforce plans to identify their future staffing requirements. For example, they may develop plans to recruit a new IT Manager when the current one plans to retire in eight months time. Recruiting employees involves considerable investment in time and money, Businesses need to identify their requirements and also be aware of their legal obligations.

An organisation may have all of the latest technology and the best physical resources, but if it does not have the right people it will struggle to achieve he results it requires. schools, hospitals, restaurants, airlines Businesses need to be quite specific when they advertise a vacancy. It should not only focus on duties but should also include any future requirements. Establish which skills and qualifications are essential to the Job and which are desirable.

You can advertise in national, regional, local or trade press and there are also internet Job sites, some of which are tailored to niche industries. Using an agency can save you time but ensure you agree all fees upfront, including any advertising costs. Brief the agency as fully as possible. It’s essential not to discriminate when recruiting employees as you can face an industrial or fair employment tribunal from someone who is not an employee, if they believe they weren’t selected as a result of discriminatory practices.

It is unlawful to discriminate on several grounds, including sex, marital status, race and age. Recruiting staff Recruitment is the process by which a business seeks to hire the right person for a then advertises the vacancy in an appropriate place. Job applicants Job descriptions explain the work to be done and typically set out the Job title, location of work and main tasks of the employee. Person specifications list individual qualities of the person required, eg qualifications, experience and skills. Firms can recruit from inside or outside the organisation.

Internal recruitment involves appointing existing staff. A known person is recruited. External recruitment involves hiring staff from outside the organisation. They will bring fresh ideas with them but they are unknown to the company – will they fit in? Managers must decide on the best method to assess and select applicants for a Job. Application forms, CVs, references, interviews, presentations, role-play and tests can be used to how if an individual is suitable for the specific Job on offer. Many organisations are as concerned about attitude as they are about skill.

There is little point in appointing the best qualified or most skilled applicant if they have a poor attitude toward work or cannot operate as part of a team. This is particularly important in small firms with very few staff. Training Induction is the training given to new workers so that they understand their role and responsibilities and can do their Job. Staff should learn new skills throughout the course of their career to stay productive. Training improves technical, personal or management skills and will increase staff efficiency.

There are two main training methods: Workers in a call centre On-the-Job training where experienced members of staff explain a Job or a skill. Off the Job training where outside experts are paid to explain a Job or a skill. An annual staff appraisal is a chance for an employee to discuss their recent work and future training needs with their line manager in a meeting. Retaining workers is important to a firm because it costs time and money to hire and train a replacement. Appraisal and training helps motivate staff and so improves staff retention.

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