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What does it mean to be successful? Many people look at the word success from different views. The dictionary defines success in two ways: the accomplishment of one’s goals and then the attainment of wealth or position. I believe you can be successful In two ways as well: you can be successful In your career and you can be successful by doing what makes you happy and living a fulfilling life to your standards. You don’t have to have a huge mansion on top of a private hill looking over the ocean to be defined as successful. When asked what it takes to be successful in college, that’s a different story.

To be successful In college Is to reach your academic goals in a productive way. I am in college to obtain a degree and build an honorable future for myself. My goals for college are to get straight A’s and obtain my MD. My goals for life are to become a pharmacist and be able to provide for my future family. In order to decide what tips will most help me succeed In college I read several articles on college success, provided by my professor. I have come to find the best ways to be successful in college are to manage time wisely, communicate and form an association with my professors, and get to it and do it.

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An essential skill that will help me succeed In college is time management. I chose this skill because it Is crucial to know when a class Is, when an assignment Is due, what day the test Is, when I have free time, and when I dont. Mastering this skill will help me keep track of my time and ensure I get all my studies done while still having free time to do fun things. When I get to the point where I realize I don’t have time to go to the mall with everyone because I have to study for that math test, I will remind myself It is Just part of the Journey to my Medical Degree in Biochemistry that I will complete in the uture.

In “Managing Your Time: Setting Priorities and Developing Strategies for Success” Businessman Company writes, “Realize, too, that periods in your life when free time seems minimal will eventually end. Look forward to holidays or longer vacation when you can take a break from the most intense of your time pressures. ” (10) Businessman Company is saying that you shouldn’t dwell on how you have no free time, you have to stay positive and look forward to times when you will have free time. This Is a key factor In time management, I have to keep looking forward and stay positive.

If I get caught up in dwelling I will begin to neglect my studies and end up falling behind. If I use this time correctly, I will be able to get all my studies done and still have free time. This will help me succeed because I will stay on the right track to my Medical Degree and not get side tracked by too much free time. It Is one thing to have study time but It’s another thing to spend that time effectively. This will help me in my future career by having my mind already trained to not waste time and as soon as an assignment or task is given to me I will Just automatically start doing It.

Businessman Company also writes, “To make more I OF3 it, but also how you want to use your time effectively. ” (10) Businessman Company is saying that you need to be sure you are using your time dedicated to studies efficiently. There’s a big difference between Just studying and proficiently studying. The challenge with studying is boredom. If I want to use my time efficiently I need to really use that time I set aside to study and not Just stare at my papers daydreaming. For me to succeed with this task I will make my study times short with breaks in- between so I don’t get distracted and truly get work done.

To have good time anagement helps a college student to stay focused and get their studies done while still having some free time. Time management is a skill I will need throughout college, my career, and life by training my mind to keep a close eye on time so I will not be late to say an interview and then once I get the Job, turning in my assignments in to my boss early to obtain a promotion. Another vital skill that will help me to succeed in college is to have good communication with professors. I chose this skill because your instructors are your most important resource through your college years.

Mastering this skill will help me ith Just about anything; keeping up with grades, going over questions that I have on the homework assignment so that I don’t make the same mistake on the test. Professors can be your friend if you let them. They really are there to help you succeed. In “Student Guide to First-Year Composition” Sugie Goen-Salter writes, “When you are a student in a first-year composition course, your instructor is your most important resource. “(50) Goen-Salter is saying that you have many resources in college but your main one will be your instructor. You can use them as a learning tool or even as someone to Just talk to.

I’d much rather my professors be my friend or at least know me by name and face rather than not know who I am. I will talk to my professors about anything; the weather, how their day is going, what they had for breakfast, etc. The purpose of your instructor is to be your guide along this Journey of life. If I keep in good contact with my professors I will never be unsure about what is being asked of me. Sugie Goen-Salter also writes, “Office hours and your instructor’s office location will be listed on your syllabus, and your instructor will post her office hours outside her office. (50) Goen-Salter is saying that teachers like it when you ome into their office hours and remind you when their office hours are all the time. If I use this tip I will never be unsure of myself because if I have a question I can Just go to my professor’s office hours. Going to office hours will help me succeed because if there’s something I am not understanding that the whole class is understanding I can still go and have that one-on-one time where my professor focuses on me and answers any questions I have that way I know what I’m doing by the time the test comes.

The challenge will be finding time to go to office hours and convincing myself hat even that one small question is worth the walk. Talking to my professors will allow me to really succeed in college by getting on that one-on-one level and then knowing my strengths and weaknesses so they can truly help me be successful in my classes and not Just go through the motions. A fundamental skill many people struggle with every day is “get to it and do it”. I chose this skill because for me the hardest part about doing anything is to get started but once you do the rest Just flows.

Acquiring this skill will help me to get down, and doing the assignment while the material is still fresh in my mind. In his “College Success Guide” Peter W. Johnson writes, miou’ll find that the hardest part is getting started. Once you’re doing something, it often begins to Just flow. So get to it and do it! ” (3) Johnson is the master mind behind this theory. What Johnson meant by this was that he used his time, energy, and attention to do the required work.

He is saying that things, such as writing a 6-page essay or completing a chemistry midterm, can be easy we Just make them hard because we don’t Just get started. The challenge is I can never seem to get started. Especially with essays, I never know how to start so I Just sit and stare at a blank page for hours. If I use this tip, I will have more free time because I will not be wasting any time. This will help me succeed because this will ensure I get my studies done. In life you can’t put things off. For example, bills are a big issue for adults as far as paying them on time.

I will train myself now to get things done as soon as they cross my path so that I will not end up being a procrastinator in my future. Johnson also writes, “… it is far easier to do something than to think about it. ” (3) Johnson is saying that thinking takes effort so why waste time and effort hinking when you can Just write that paper and get it over with. Not putting tasks off will help me not only succeed in college but also as I become an independent adult with my career many years from now. To get to it and do it allows a college student to really succeed in their academics.

I have come to discover the most efficient ways to be prosperous in college are to manage time astutely, communicate with professors, and get to it and do it. I will face many encounters in college that will test my capabilities to stay motivated. One challenge I am going to encounter in college is finding that stability between study ime and free time. I struggle with the feeling of being left out, I will sometimes put off my studies in order to go to eat with everyone when I know I should be writing that essay.

I know that my studies are more important but I neglect them regardless. In order to overcome this, I need to use my time efficiently to get my work done and then have free time to do with it what I choose. One way to do this is to make a schedule and stick to it. Another challenge I will face is procrastination, which is a deadly term. The problem is I can never seem to get started. With essays I never now how to begin so I end up staring at a blank page for hours. To overcome this challenge I am going to do what Peter W.

Johnson says, “get to it and do it. ” I am going to use my time, energy, and full attention to get the required work completed. This will allow me to not waste time, get my work done, and still allow myself to have some free time to do with it what I please. My overall goal is to in the end be successful in my college years and in my future after those years. In order to do this I am going to do three things: manage my time wisely, communicate with my professors, and get to it and do it.

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