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This assessment tool is an invaluable first step to ethical awareness. A person with being to overconfident could result in bad decision making because they would expect the same time of result for everything all the time. I understand if you may have the right material or have research a lot of information for any sort Of topic you needed, but when it comes down to it you might have researched something that had no meaning or even related to the topic thinking that you already aced the assignment. By doing the things over and over gives you the idea that it might be k to do for something else.

Not everything takes the same course of action. That’s why you must explore areas to get the right decision. I feel when it comes to my strengths that I am strong when it comes to things like puzzles in using my head. I play a lot of games because want to create them and the majority of games I have has puzzles which am good at. Something about trying to figure out puzzles makes me love it and use my brain to figure it out. I have the patience to sit there and think about how the riddle, puzzle or a design of the area is to try and figure it out and complete.

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My problem when it comes to my weaknesses is that I think cannot listen to well because it just goes through one ear and out the other. I do not intentionally do this, but it just happens It is probably because I am the type who is good with hand on experiences. Feel that would like to help people understand things to better myself and them to make the right decisions. Use to do opposite of everything and end up with the negative. So now I help when needed or talk about stuff when needed advice. I use to even cheat when was attending junior high school and high school because hung out with the wrong crowd.

Now I want the feeling of success of doing it yourself or accomplishment. Makes you feel much better and gains you knowledge of things you never knew. How might you use your personal ethics to determine a course of action? I will use my knowledge to help me better myself in school to better educate me to help get a job that can provide for me and my children. For a job it will help me in having better quality and better working environment.

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