Team Summary Week Assignment

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The team members had identified what part of the assignment they would be held accountable for toward the team assignment for week five. In the team forum, we chose our portion of the team assignment that eve would prepare our Hazardous Waste Management power point on. The power point will include the following information: Overview of the environmental impact issue The current issues With your environmental impact situation Ways to improve the environmental impact and possible suggestions or solutions

With only two team members, eve chose Which information we Will be responsible for in week five’s presentation. Knowing the information we are responsible for ahead of time, allows for extra time to prepare for our final presentation as we will need to complete the entire presentation between two team members. We chose the following: Introduction – Aquatic Overview of the environmental impact issue – Aquatic The current issues with your environmental impact situation – Pillar Ways to improve the environmental impact and possible suggestions or solutions – Pillar

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Conclusion – Aquatic With the completion of our environmental impact outline during week 2, our team is prepared to complete our environmental impact presentation for week 5. Having the initial research done early on has allowed us to do further research in areas we felt it was needed for our final presentation and also allowed time to ask questions and communicate if there were any barriers. Communication this week was done through the University of Phoenix forum. Previously, eve utilized the learning team charter information as other means of contact due o emergent situation with our previous assignment.

Because there was no emergent situations this week, the University Of Phoenix forum worked for us as our main mode of communication. We are looking font,vary to finishing strong as a two person team in the coming week. Should any barriers or Obligations come up, we will be able to communicate using other means as we previously did such as text messages, phone calls or emails to our personal email addresses. Communication is important to finish strong and to complete our week five assignment.

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