Week 7 / Critical Thinking Assignment

Week 7 / Critical Thinking Assignment Words: 297

Take the Communication Assessment in the Week 7 lecture. After completing the assignment, write a 250 to 300 word essay reflecting on your experience and your communication style. Discuss how you can leverage your strengths and improve upon your communication skills to become a better leader. My communication quadrant scored the following: Extrovert score of 5 introvert score of 3, assertiveness score of 3, preparedness score of 5.

I agree with the extrovert score it is accurate as I’m friendly and outgoing. Dow I find it very hard at the time to communicate my thoughts and feelings with people that I don’t know thus my assertiveness does need some improvement I must admit. Because of this I have an introvert side in my communication style. Preparedness scores high because I do tend to ponder my thought for a long time before I take action.

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By working on my assertiveness I feel that I can improve my introvert score. Many times I find myself hearing only what I want to hear and I feel that I need to change my listening to a more active approach. My body has a language can use some improvement also, I’m a big guy so I need to practice being more courteous to people around me. Working in the body guarding industry has required me to have an intimidating demeanor which is not always a good thing in the work environment.

Also I must learn to have more than one communication style so that I can communicate better in a diverse work environment. By changing my communication style, I can alter the primary factor in thinking, information processing, judgment, problem solving and interaction with others. It will help me in the workplace with influence over leadership, decision making, relationship building, negotiating and influencing.

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