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As We were leaving to go back to school, he said he forgot something, as he ran inside I heard a loud boom, went back inside and to my horror his brains were on the living room wall. His girlfriend was inconsolable, as I was searching for the police number, (we didn’t have 91 1 back then) his mother showed up and the police it was horrifying. Sara never returned back to school to finish her last few weeks and the effect it had on the entire community was devastating. Two years ago my daughter lost 2 of her best friends, within months of each other, both to self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Having to worry about her depression and keeping a watchful eye on her was troubling. The rise in teenage suicide is still occurring. 2. The statistics for suicide in Nevada were alarming; I found that Nevada has the second highest rate of suicide in the nation. And that isn’t from being murdered it is from taking their own lives. I had no idea they were seriously that high. As noted from: Suicide Prevention Resource Center, State of Nevada Fact Sheet Online, 2007. Calculation based on Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System. Atlanta, Georgia: U.

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S Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Population Division, U. S. Census Bureau, July 1 , 2009 estimates ages 10-19. (prevention) Using Youth Risk Behavior Survey rates from 2009, the following are estimated: C 62,920 NV youth seriously considered attempting suicide** 48,937 NV youth made a plan to attempt suicide** C] 34,955 NV youth attempted one or more CLC 61 7 of those NV youth that made an attempt required treatment by a doctor or nurse** I was also surprised to read that males are more likely than females to commit suicide.

I was sure with the rate of depression in women, that they WOUld have a higher number than men. Montana is ranked number 1 while District of Columbia is ranked 51st. 3. The reason why teens have a harder time with reasoning, irrational behaviors and cognitive abilities, is their brains are still developing. They now have to think rational and their social development involves their peers and pleasing their parents, it is a very trying time for them to think abstractly.

Their emotions are running rampant, with their hormones fluctuating, trying to please everyone is impossible and they take the burden on themselves. This is all due to their brains producing mass mounts of brain matter and the amelioration is adding to their growing cognitive abilities and the frontal cortex in immature making the outcome For teens to have impulses they normally wouldn’t have, this can cause serious implications in their behaviors. PIG. 358 (Feldman, 201 1) 4. The two web sites I found were Teens Health; http://stealth. Erg/teen/your_mind/ mental_health/suicide. HTML# this web site is really good at showing you some warning signs about suicide for your teens, it is beneficial for parents, teachers, and the teen themselves. It allows for a user friendly flow, with tabs o click on for easy reading of different materials. The next website is one here in Nevada http://www. Occidentalizes. Com/Nevada. HTML for local teens to call if they need someone to talk to because fiftieth feel they are not alone the risk of suicide drops.

This website has useful information again for both parents and teens. Focus Adolescent Services is for an emergency crisis, to help with counseling or just for someone in need to listen to them. Sometimes a teen needs an unbiased person to talk to, who wonted them about who they are, in the trying times of their lives and they know it is influential anything they say to them. (Hotlist) 5. The two interesting things found, were how they committed suicide and when were the most common months.

I came across some interesting information when researching for this assignment. One was the method of suicide for both men and women, is a firearm, I would have thought for a women it would have been pills. That is the next common method is swallowing solid or liquid poison or pills. Men will also have the tendency to hang themselves either by strangling or suffocation. The most common months again shocked me cause I have always heard it was during the holiday seasons, but the site listed March, April, and May and the most prevalent times for suicide.

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