Mental Health Resources Assignment

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Disorder Resources Depression http://lavishly. Com/disorders/mood/index. HTML http://www. Cam. Net/education/Online_courses_webzines/Manama/index. HTML Signs and Symptoms: lack of energy; oversleeping/not sleeping; drop in grades; regress to childhood fears; self-harm; substance abuse; aggressive; accident prone/ clumsy Strategies: connect; allow creative outlets (writing, drawing, doodling); help with memory and organization Suicide Centre for Suicide Prevention.

Teen Suicide Resource Toolkit” (2012). Http:// www. Psychotherapeutic. Ca/ Signs and Symptoms: “calm before the storm” at peace with the decision to kill themselves; getting things in order; talk about death and suicide; making amends; writing a letter; hopelessness – things will not get better; intense emotional pain; release in artwork/]urinals/ghostwriting Strategies: if a student tells you they want to kill themselves you have to report it – tell principal, parents and 911; ask outright – “Are you going to kill yourself?

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But reface it, I’m asking because I care. “; always take it seriously; if they say no but admit to suicidal thoughts, help them get the help they need; be aware of sharp objects in the class; keep your class as regular and “normal” as possible after an incident; Behavioral Disorders Eating Disorders http://knowledge. Cam. Net/bedposts/TNT/pages/default. Asps http://lavishly. Com/disorders/eating/index. HTML Signs and Symptoms: Hair loss; bad teeth; sore throat – lots of throat lozenges; baggy clothes; rapid weight loss; over/under eating

Strategies: build self-esteem and efficacy; projects of exploration of self and self- image (That’s Me); feedback that supports self image; promote independence; be careful with negative feedback – constructive but positive; Ann-social Personality http://www. Incubi. Ml. NIH. Gob/pamphlets/PMH0001919/ Signs and Symptoms: Witty and charming; manipulative; substance abuse; frequently gets in trouble; lack of remorse Strategies: Seek help from a professional; enforce rules; point out why something was wrong; act upon negative behavior – egg. Lying;

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