Mental Health Problem College Students Assignment

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The most common of these disorders were depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, alcohol abuse , eating disorders and self-injury. ” Moreover, the current trend is disappointing, because for all the time we have not seen improvements in this regard and therefore, the future seems bleak. In part, this problem is a consequence of global psychological problems in society than just some psychological illness. These data raise the question, what exactly is the cause of deteriorating mental health of students.

Some of this crisis is physical problems caused by in brain chemistry, while other cases are purely physical. Two very important factors which affect to mental health problem among allege students are technology and economics. The rapid development of information technology, in my opinion this is a main cause of increased mental health problem among college students. The past few decades are rapidly evolving media resources such as the Internet, TV, magazines, newspapers, radio and others.

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Contradictory information comes from there by which the young student can easily get confused. Media imposes stereotypes of what we should be and if we are like Brad Pit or Jennifer Lawrence, we will be “losers” and the life lived in vain. As a result, they get inferiority complex, everlasting dissatisfaction with themselves and their own status, level of knowledge. This perpetual fear not match these of success creates depressed, stressed, anxiety. Furthermore, competitive economic environment in the labor market is a major cause.

While the economic situation deteriorates, it begins to put pressure on the students. Because of these external economic factors, students are either preparing themselves to meet the needs of the job market, or are planning to enroll in further education to increase their human capital. This atmosphere has led to the act that students feel that they need to beat the other students in order to ensure a future career or academic success. This also, here includes students who have decided to take a loans for vocational training.

Price of training and the cost Of credit in recent years only grows. A financial burden in the form Of the high cost of tuition and student debt is a big cause of financial stress for students. This is an additional boost to mental health problems. Almost all mental health problems originate from a mental disorder. These uncontrolled processes can be very dangerous for the students. We do not always know what they can bring but I do know that we can not ignore them.

These problems can develop into many other problems, this time it was physical such as eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), drug addiction and alcoholism, insomnia and so on even suicide and murder. Mental health problems are the main cause of these tragedies. The same should be attributed to the effects of psychological problems problems In conclusion, let me say that all the problems originate from the head. In order to reduce the risk of these terrible consent ounces, we need to catch this problem as soon as it emerges through arsenal interviews with students and psychologists.

When the first symptoms begin to appear, the psychologist is the first place where young people should address. Quite a lot of ways to combat this disease, but one of the most active is the increase physical activity. It is believed that during exercise, the person does not struggle with psychological problems, it is something like forget about problems. Today in modern psychology has accumulated enough experience that effectively deal with these illnesses. The main time when to consult a specialist.

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