US History Journal Assignment

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Don’t forget to add De tails! (1 point) When had to leave my home I was not allowed to take what I wanted, I was f arced to take what the army allowed me to take and it is almost winter. When where now traveling and we needed food, so I had to hunt but my gun was taken, luckily I had my blowhard gun. I killed a small deer and everyone wanted a pie We had arrived at the Mississippi River and had to cross, my cousin and grand father had drown but had to continue. 4. These ideas will become the body sentences of your paragraph. What is the e best order for these ideas? Number them in the order you think they should go.

Don’t worry if you need to reword some of them. And it’s O. K. To leave out an idea if it doesn’t seem to if t, but you need at least three examples. (1 point) 1. Leave my home and only able to pack what the army will allow, it is almost winter. 2. Have to hunt with a blowhard gun because my gun was taken away. 3. Have to cross the Mississippi river and loved ones drown but I continue 4. Have reached Tattletale, Oklahoma, many loved ones have died 5. You need a topic sentence now. Is there a word or idea that describes all of your experiences? Maybe something like this: My experience on the Trail Of Tears made me angry.

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Or, the Trail of Tears was a terrible experience. (1 point) The Trail of Tears was the worst experience of my life. Writing Assignment Write a complete paragraph that describes your experiences on the Trail of Et ears. Use the topic sentence and support you completed in the preprinting section. Add a co inclusion to finish your thoughts. Be sure to use lots of good detail. Of course, if you need to add other ideas, you can do that, too. This assignment is worth 15 points. The Trail of Tears was the worst experience of my life. It began when my family yell had to our my home. I was not allowed to take what wanted, was forced to take what the army

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