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Home, Calendar, Tasks, Resources, Connect, Reports and Announcements are the tabs when I first enter the Loudly site. There is also a search tool and the tool that shows the current class I’m in and can also select the other classes to the right of my current class. 2. From the course home page in Loudly, click on the “Resources” tab and then click on “Classroom Policies. ” What do you need to do to make sure you are properly participating in the online classroom? For Graduate classes there is a requirement for three days to post one Substantive Post each day. Under the “Resources” Tab in Loudly, click on the “Student Success Center;” under the “hinting Center tab click on the “Style Guides and Templates” link. Read through the PAP 6th Edition Style Guide and PAP 6th Edition Template (without Abstract) documents. Why do you think academic writing requires such strict formatting? Having a standardized form makes it easier for the reader and it looks more professional than just having no guidelines. The reader would struggle to read the information and citing the information would be difficult to read or see. . Under the “Resources” Tab in Loudly, click on the “Student Success Center. ” Gender which tab in the Student Success Center can you find official Microsoft Tutorials for their software products? I first used the search tool and came across the Microsoft Tutorials (http://whom. GU. Du/Learning- Resources/Tutorial-Videos/Microsoft-Tutorials. PH) and then I found it located under the Resources tab. 5. Under the “Resources” Tab in Loudly, inside the “Student Success Center,” click on the “Tools for Success” tab at the top.

What video might be most helpful to you under the “Success Webzines” section? I truly love reading and read what seems like every book that I come across, the information that read sticks with me. The information that I will take from those five videos will be effective note taking and time management. I am a mother of two teens, working full time and soon will have to assist my husband through his surgery. So the time management will be the greatest benefit to my day to day life. 6. From the course home page in Loudly, find where you can see your current grade in the course.

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You can find our grade under the Performance section on the home page or you can select Reports and then select Grade kook and you will get your grade. 7. Click on the “Resources” Tab in the classroom. Click on “Syllabus. ” What are all the different sections found in the Syllabus? Look at the “Overall” and “Current” sections of the syllabus. (Hint: they might be the orange sections on the left of the screen. ) In the Syllabus there will be the weekly objectives, the topic material, assignments, the Discussion Questions and Participation. The Topic material will include the lecture, textbook, electronic resource, and additional material. . Click on “Library’ under the “Resources” tab. Go to the Library website and mind a time that a GO_LLC Library Introduction webbing tour is available. Write down a time and date that one is offered. HTH, Feb. 19 2015 3-am GET wed, Feb. 25 2015, 1 Imp-AMA GET Part B: Highlight the correct response 9. Where are the topic lectures found? A) The syllabus b) Course Materials c) Main Forum d) Both A and B 10. In the Student Success Center located under the Resources Tab in Loud Cloud, which of the following is not found under the “Tools for Success” tab: a) The Writing Center b) The Basics c) First Year Experience d) Success Webzines 11.

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