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Despite weekday, mostly go there to get fresh air, to s e people working on their assignments, and importantly I can have free internet there t 0 check everything I want to know. Another thing that I do in my free time is reading. Reading becomes my my ha bit now. I like reading books in English related ways to be successful. It’s the way to mot aviate myself effectively. Normally read at home, because it is quiet and comfortable Ii there. Sometimes prefer reading at school, because there are many good places to lax and read books there.

In the evening, I always play football at the university. I like playing football so much, and we have several wonderful places to play in my university. After playing f oddball, sometimes go back home and relax, and sometimes I go and eat out with m Y friends. Like going out rather than staying at home so that I always go to supermarkets , night markets and other wonderful places with my friends, because there are many good places to see in Thailand. At night, usually do a bit reading before going to bed.

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And sometimes, watch h videos that downloaded at school. They are movies, comedy clips, English lessons a ND so on. Really like this habit, because it helps me fall asleep very easily. Always have everything prepared for my tomorrow life, so will never waste any of my Tim Living in Thailand is very delightful for me. I like almost everything here. Most people are good, friendly and respectful.

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