Plans For Improving My Grades Assignment

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My mother would always tell me a saying her mother would always tell her, “Sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do to get to where you want to be. ” Those are the exact words I remember every time I go to school and every time sit down to study. When the time to study presents itself, there are a variety of techniques use to study. Some of these techniques find to be more effective than the others. First, I begin by reviewing and sometimes rewriting the notes relevant to the quiz or test am studying for at home. I find this method to be effective cause I am then making myself again look at what my professors went over in class.

I find where some of my fellow students go wrong is when they write down their notes simply because they feel they have to because they are in class. When my fellow students leave class, more often than not the next time they review their notes is whenever the next time they meet for class is. A Coleman-Monitor 2 person is bound to forget what was taught in class if the only time spent studying is in the class itself. Another method of studying find to be effective is reading my notes out loud. It is one thing to just read your notes; it is something entirely different to read your notes out loud to yourself.

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This allows the studier to hear the material again in their own voice, whereas some students feel their professors are lackluster and listen to them speak half-heartedly. I find the least effect method of studying is studying in groups. I do not have an outgoing personality. Try to keep to myself as much as I can and only socialize with people already know. When I am made to work in groups, I feel a sense of slight disgust. In high school I would often ask my teacher for remission to work on my own; sometimes my request was granted and sometimes denied.

Another reason why I do not like working in groups is because I do not want one person doing all the work while the other members reap the benefits of a good grade. Sometimes I am the person who is stuck doing all of the work in the group. That is not at all fair to me. Perhaps due to my lack in social skills, I also find myself at times not putting my all into group assignments, leaving the rest of my group to pick up where left off. This is not fair to them as well. Overall, I feel as is group work is a recipe for jazziness and failure.

Where I feel my study techniques go wrong is not in the techniques themselves, but in the amount of time spend studying. Waiting until the day before a test or a quiz to start studying rarely pans out the way a person wishes, if ever. When studying, distraction should be kept at the barest minimum if not non-existent. By devoting more time to studying and minimizing distractions such as television, Internet not pertaining to Coleman-Monitor 3 academics, turning off my cellophane while studying, and many other methods that would be too numerous for one essay, plan to improve not only my tidying habits, but my overall grade.

Studying is not a simple task. There are many aspects in studying a person must take into consideration when doing so. The studying happens varies from person to person because everyone has their own method best suited for them. Some like studying in groups, whereas some like studying alone. Some people like making index cards and some people simply reread their notes from class. Whatever method of studying you find best suited for yourself, nobody can deny the direct relationship Beethoven good study habits and good grades.

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