Case study document on marketing of Burj Al Arab in Dubai Assignment

Case study document on marketing of Burj Al Arab in Dubai Assignment Words: 926

TO know marketing strategies, It Is essential to know as much as possible about the market place or environment In which the property operates. A situation analysis researches the properties current position in the marketplace and reveals potential opportunities to promote the property. (Babble Influence:The cultural environment holds deeply influence on marketing behavior. Hotel Industry needs to be sensitive to cultural variation In the environment and grasp opportunities for expanding.

For instance, In Dubbing there is 80 percent foreigners who have 1 OFF Investments , Duskiness’s Ana employments . Over 1 star memoirs Trot different nationalities work in different areas of Bur] AL Arab hotel. Therefore, they bring the diverse cultures from all different home countries such as religions, values, and social behaviors, etc. There will be slight or even severe varies between different guest groups, product suppliers, and hotel employees. It is crucial important for the managerial level to treat people with equal respect and revere different cultural norms. Seventeenths 2006). SOOT Analysis :SOOT defines the desired output from the formal analysis which must precede the selection of the strategy and the formulation of the plans to implement it. (Baker :The infrastructure of the building which s like a sail boat which gives the guest a very fine and different experience. All the restaurant , bars has a different outlook and are very famous world wide. Ex:Al Maharaja – seafood restaurant accessible by a three minute virtual submarine voyage. Magnificent oval aquarium visible throughout the restaurant.

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AY Ian – sea view restaurant. Finest Arabian hospitality with d??core of dramatic gold, red and blackmailer of the leading hotels of the world. (seventies hotels 2006)WEAKNESS:Dubbing is promoted as a tourist destination but is more of a commercial destination which have a great impact on the hotel. The rigid climate and the culture of Dubbing does not help the hotel to stay flexible. The major economy of Dubbing is based on oil and gas so the Dubbing government does not stress on hospitality and tourism sector.

OPPORTUNITIES:Dubbing as slowly developing as a commercial destination which will help the hotel to attract lot of business travelers. Dubbing is pressuring more on building lot of theme parks and sports activities which can help the hotel to attract lot of international tourist. THREATS:Lot of new entrants as Dubbing is developing in to one of the best commercial cities. High prices of the accommodations which gives advantage to the other hotels As Dubbing is one of the biggest developing commercial centers there is a lot of competition in the hotels to attract the tourist.

The detail comparison for product differentiation Bur] al Arab and its competitors are as follows:Burr AY Arab : world class duple suites-non smoking rooms-data ports- complimentary news paper-hair dryer-room service-spectacular views-bar-spa- Jacuzzi-sauna-shopping center-private health and fitness facility-therapy rooms- Aerobic room-restraint. U)senator Jumbler Beach Resort Ana lowers :castled-anal dryer- hill care-wake up service-see view -spa-sauna-bar-shopping center-outdoor tennis- water sports-squash courts-golf course. Star wood hotels 2006)Hyatt Regency Dubbing : Non smoking rooms-cable TV- complimentary news paper-roomiest-child care-spa-sauna-bar-shopping center- fishing-tennis-restraint. (Regency Hyatt 2006)Lee Meridian Mina Seaway Resort :Wheel chair-free news paper- child care-modem lines-room service

In order to leverage brand equity, Bur] AY Arab hotel must possess better quality of service facilities more than its competitors. Threat Of New Entrants:Highborn AY Arab has got many loyal customers but a small mishandling in customers expectations may cause the loyal customers to switch to another property. Dubbing being a commercial developing city there are lot of hotels coming in. Bargaining Power Of Buyers:Limitation of the customers always pay close attention to the hotel price . T has all suite rooms which in all is different from other hotels so the people which the hotel target is specific so the bargaining power of customer is less.

Bargaining Power Of Suppliers:LOW The hotel has to face a pressure from their suppliers; however the hotel can reduce it by partnering with travel agencies or big market chains purchasing high volume of products. Threat Of substitute:Lobbying a very high class property and having a great brand name there are almost no threats to the beautiful property of Bur] AY Arab. MARKETING AUDITS:A marketing audit is a systematic and thorough examination of a companies marketing position. . Beekeeper,IPPP).

POSITIONING:Len the case of BUR] AL ARAB hotel Dubbing, due to great occupancy rate and high industries growth rate , it experienced the high market growth and strong competitive advantage. Bur] A Arab have a lot of competitor like Lee Meridian Assays ,Hyatt Regency Dubbing, Sheraton Jumpier Beach hotel And much more ,Which have a strong brand reputation among local and international travelers. In order to leverage brand equity , Bur] AY Ran note must possess netter quality AT service Tactless above Its competitors. CONCLUSION:The above report provides detail report on the market analysis of Bur]

AY Arab in Dubbing and reviewing the marketing strategies, influence of the culture on the hotel, its position in the market and its competitors. The city of Dubbing is a highly developing commercial centre, with many new hotels coming up with recognized brand names. In order to develop a competitive advantage the hotel should maintain and develop the following points:1)To emphasis propagating the architectural miracle and there unique suite rooms. 2)To continue implementing high quality of service. 3)To persist in high price and standards strategy. 4)To promote sports events, and Dubbing shopping festival.

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