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Our behaviors can explain a lot of our struggle, but it can also show the reality of scarcity. The reality is having very little, is being unhappy. Being unhappy is having the aids distraction and struggle. For example, there was a time when I wanted a gaming system. All o f my friends had it besides me; I was unhappy because wanted it really bad. It changed my moo d I was angry most of the time and always thought in a negative saying I would never get it. It plan YES with your mind changing the way you think it shows how sometimes scarcity has control.

Tunneling is the worst thing that can occur to someone. Tunneling can be a b ad habit of someone. When someone procrastinates on something and think they have a n abundance of time and realize that they don’t. This leads to tunneling they block all other response subtleties and focuses on one single subject. This makes the person struggle and stresses ABA out how they have a lot of work to catch up on. Tunneling can also make the persons mind focus more effectively. For example e, When had to do a five page research paper I had a week to complete the assignments .

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I decided to do the paper the day before it was due. I started to work on the paper and realize the at ideas came to me more efficiently then when did it the day it was assign. With that comes juggle inning and slack, it has its negative effects. Juggling is very common and people tend to do it every day. When people jug glee they tend to tunnel on one assignment and forget the other assignments due then next week. Why? Because they fail to manage their time, one single mistake and they tunnel the rough every list hey had plan for that day. When you juggle, you tunnel on the balls that are about to drop, and you neglect those high in the aid’ (Multilingual, Shafer 128). That’s when a per son commits a mistake, they forget about the other assignment because they were focus on the one that was already due the next day. People need to stop procrastinating and manage their time if they do not wan t to fall into tunneling. There are some vigilance that can be repeated but for the most par task in repeating to eave assignments until the last minute should be stopped.

We all have mental I capacity in other words bandwidth. Bandwidth is what leads to tunneling, tax tunneling from the ere comes juggling and slack and so on. Bandwidth is what affects our behaviors, and the poor h as shortage of money. Scarcity of money is what drives that motive to want more, the poor have slack while the rich have less slack. In conclusion, scarcity changes our aspects of our behavioral. It sometime trig germs something positive or negative.

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