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This week, our writing assignment focuses on individual definitions of happiness. For this writing assignment, you will prepare and conduct interviews with two people about their definition of happiness, how they gained this view, and whether they feel happiness is achievable. Choose two people who vary In age and experience. Only one of the subjects can be someone you know well. This Is an opportunity to learn about acquaintances and strangers as well. These should be face-to-face Interviews.

Introduce this assignment by introducing each subject one at a time. Who are they? What Is the nature of your relationship? Next, ask a variety of questions to get them to consider not Just their definition of happiness, but Its Orleans and development. You can use these sample questions to get you started, but should add more questions or change the Interview as It develops: Has your definition of happiness changed over time? What experiences have Influenced your definition? Do you expect the definition to change again?

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Follow the unit 4 template for this assignment in Discharging. It includes submitting a transcript of your interviews, including your questions, so take notes or record the discussion. Finally, you should draw conclusions about the process and the answers that were given. Compare and contrast the results of the interviews. Discuss what was similar or different in the replies, whether the subjects were honest, or if the concept of happiness was difficult to define. The essay should be at least 750 words and should employ terms from the text.

The assignment should be completed in Microsoft Word and should follow the emulate provided for the sample transcript, essay, and reference page. CLAD assessment: This unit 4 assignment corresponds to the CLAD rubric for HUE-02; please review the CLAD rubrics document available under Course Home. PAP formatting: Incorporate PAP citations throughout the analysis as well as a references section at the end of the analysis. (The references section does NOT count towards the required word count for the Unit 4 assignment. ) Review the PAP quick reference guide on the left-hand sidebar under course home for PAP formatting guidelines.

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