Understanding VAK Learning Style Assignment

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Learning Styles Everyone is unique with different ways of doing things, including different learning styles. 0 A specific style of learning indicates how your brain gathers and processes information Understanding what your own style is will help you to choose study methods that are best suited for you. 0 This helps optimal learning and easier recall so that you can excel in the classroom. 3.

Three Basic Learning Styles Visual Learners Auditory Learners Kinesthesia/Tactile Learners Individuals can have one singular style or possess a combination of two or more Tyler. 0 Always remember that there is no right or wrong way to learn- Just your way! And knowing your won individual style will give you a big advantage in the classroom 4. Visual Learners “Seeing is believing” and visual learners typically learn by what they are able to see or visualize. O People who learn better visually usually like to have front row seats, whether in the classroom or at a sporting event or movie theatre for the best view. . Visual Learners These individuals like to use visual aids such as maps, charts, and diagrams, along with highlighted notes and flashcards to help put trial in better perspective. O Being able to visualize these images or objects later makes it easier to recall the information when needed. 0 Often visual learners describe things in vivid detail using words to pain a picture. 6. Visual Learners Many are good writers and perform well on written assignments. O They can process information better when instructions are written down rather than spoken out loud. This sometimes makes following lectures and classroom discussions more difficult, especially if they are unable to take notes. 7. Tips For the Visual Learners Use charts, APS, posters, and videos whenever possible to study.

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Kinesthesia or Tactile Learners Kinesthesia or tactile learners absorb information through the sense of touch, physical activity, and experimental projects. O These individuals prefer the hands-on approach to learning new things. 0 While kinesthesia learners may take notes in class or doodle on their papers, they often will not look at their notes again. 13. Kinesthesia or Tactile Learners They tend to be touches or feelers and will often stand close to someone when they are talking or touch that persons arm or shoulder. O They are usually fidgety or like to have something in their hands, even if it’s Just a pencil or paperclip. Individuals who learn best with kinesthesia learning styles are easily distracted.

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