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Summer Assignment Question One The two articles suggest that girls are better at boys at skill based subjects (BITE SUBJECTS) however looking at it from a different angle I realized boys are better at A levels which shows boys are smarter than girls overall as A levels are much harder and intense. People say girls get higher marks in class because they are well behaved however boys get higher grades overall. So does it really matter about the gender? In our contemporary society we have developed different skills both males and females.

In our society we have minimal gender stereotypes which can lead to females succeeding as they don’t feel the pressure that they used to feel. (E. G getting married at a young age and not finishing education to in order to look after their home) So I disagree with both articles as both genders are equal. One gender isn’t smarter then the other. Even-though it states all these statistics they are only basing this for a certain group not the whole world. Even if girls are getting smarter there will be a time where boys will overtake the girls.

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Boys used to perform better Han girls and it was stated everywhere that boys are better than girls but even though I disagree with favoritism between genders girls are starting shine. “Anna Douglas, Director of applied science at City Of Collision College, said female role models where key to encouraging young women into stem subjects… ” This quote suggests that young women look up to successful female role models which may be a key to them succeeding in education and possibly in their life. Nowadays there is more recognition for female talent as it is acceptable however it wasn’t acceptable many years ago.

There is still recognition to male talents… But it isn’t more important than female talent it is the same. However in my opinion boys tend to pick up things quicker than females… That is why they are better than females at exams/A levels. Females are better with BITE as they find it less stressful and they usually need more time to think. Daily Mail states “Generally, female students are risk-averse and will tend to take longer to think about an answer. If it’s multiple-choice question [boys] will generally go with their gut feeling.

Girls will try to reason it out” which will waste tots of time in an exam that’s probably why they are better at BITE. In my opinion gender has nothing to do with success either in education or in life because if a female or a male is dedicated to what they are doing they will succeed in it. There is a lot of discrimination in schools around the world. (even though they try reducing it in the UK… And it is very minimal) One of the most talked about type of discrimination is gender based in education. It causes a separation in our society.

Communicating and understanding the opposite gender should start at a young age and if it doesn’t here may be isolation between genders. Children/young adults should learn about the opposite gender in order to prevent gender discrimination when they are older. It is also key that any member of staff (working at any Job) feels comfortable to be around the opposite gender. It is important to educate both genders no matter your religion/barriers/wealth as education is important for everyone including women. In less developing countries it is proven that a majority of women who got married at a early age either have a bad relationships.

However if a young lady was fully educated impulsion to have a education until … You are 16 not matter your gender. (In my opinion this rule should be set in every country) As the I-J as minor gender discrimination in the education department I believe that all they need to do is persuade school leavers to finish their education by getting a diploma or finishing university instead of getting married, having a baby or Just working. Adding to the two articles I Just want to state that treating a both genders equally can lead to them succeeding.

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