Tv addiction Assignment

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Addiction is a strong word. Some people would object to applying the word “addiction” when watch their favorite TV show. For instance, after watching a few episode of “Meet the Browns” I wanted to continue to watching more episodes. Forgetting I had other work that had to be done. Not only did it waste valuable time but it had my full attention. I wasn’t thinking about anything important. Like most episode Mr.. Brown one of the main characters starts the episode in a loud raging ice drawing them in to make them as if they were involved with the excitement.

I was becoming addicted. Television addicts should be more aware when it comes to watching your favorite shows. They tend to not get things done on time. Television addicts become more interested in watching television more causing the addiction to be important than what they need to done. It is said that many students can’t get their homework done or it is turned in late because they make television their main focus. For example, if you were a student and you were assigned an assignment.

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You take It home and notice that you r favorite show is coming on. When you watch the show, hours later you remember that you have a project to finish. Then you may not feel like doing it anymore because you feel exhausted from watching so much television. Television is like smoking dope. Once you start you can’t stop. For some they become addicts and isolate everyone from your surroundings. Television is now your life. Many people think that watching for a short period of time wouldn’t make big deal. That may be correct

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