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Write a classification essay using the ML format, double-space, 1 inch margin all around, Times Roman, 12 font, etc. You do not have to attach a separate page called Works Cited or a cover page. Insert your sources inside your text. Click on the following 3 links and read thoroughly. Also find more samples on the Internet and read for your full understanding. Those who cite from academic journals and other sources that have parallel prestige and status will receive higher mints (this is normal in academia).

Avoid sources that have no author names or appear to have no scholarship. Http://www. Blow. Bound. Du. Try/students/types offsessaysssification EssaessaySaTme_classification_essay: http://ydyo. woodyr.Gizmo tDukaTrymacademia-Yakimazmerriertudents/essays/2569- Classification-Essays. html hHTML//www. humberHummeribCaaliberators/default/files/CLASSlClassificationNOPDF “Professor, can I receive some editing and feedback before I submit my paper?

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No, but you are welcome to ask questions in class about the assignment. You can seek clarifications, no problem, but do not ask things that are already mentioned in the assignment (like length, due date, format, etc. ). If a student writes a paper without citing sources, it is considered “limited ability’ in which case the student may receive a grade in the low-range. If a student writes a paper with citing sources, it is considered “emerging ability’ in hich cwhichthe student may receive a grade in the mid-range.

If a student writes a paper with citing sources and offers a variety of prose styles in the paper (such as his own point of view, point of view of others, summary, paraphrase, quotation, comment, etcetera), it is considered “he is part of the larger community; his comprehension level is high; he is not inside the closet; he is part of the discourse, and so on” – in that case, the student is likely to receive a grade in the high-range.

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