Assignment: Inflection and Definition N/a Definition Assignment

Assignment: Inflection and Definition N/a Definition Assignment Words: 247

In this Assignment you will need to complete an analysis chart for ten (10) medical terms. Please be sure to complete the information for all 14 spaces. If there is not an applicable answer please indicate this by entering “n/a” in the space. At the end of the project be sure to list all applicable references and cite them in PAP format. Please see the example listed below: Unit 3 Assignment Corny Pits Kaplan University HIS 11- (07) Medical Terminology Professor Thomas

April 14, 2014 Term: intramural prefix Intra Word Root(s) deer Combining Vowel(s) Combining Form(s) Suffix n/a Analysis Diagram Intra/deer/al Plural Form Abbreviation ID Prefix Definition Word Root Definition(s) Suffix Definition Definition (Technical) Pertaining to within the skin Definition (Layman) New Term from One Word Root Term: biopsy Prefix Bi/0 -sops Bi/o/sys Biopsies Life View of, viewing View of life (the removal of living tissue from the body to be viewed under the microscope) Definition (Layman) Biceps Term: Anglophobia

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Nacho Enoch/o -IA, -aphasia Enoch/o/aphasia Nail Diseased or abnormal state, condition of (Technical) Habitual nail-biting Nail Biting Macroeconomics Term: interrogatories Enter, posterior -ante eating or swallowing Definition Enter/o Enter/o/post/error Both meaning front Before, in front n/a Suffix Define action Meaning from front to back international Term: staphylococcus -soothsay sat Satrapy/o -COUSCOUS Stash clusters stand Berry shaped (form of bacterium) Berry shaped (bacterium) in grapevine clusters.

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