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Traditionally, people have defined (and standardized tests have assessed) someone who Is Intelligent as an Individual who can solve problems, use logic to answer questions, and think critically. But psychologist Howard Gardner has a much broader definition of intelligence. Compare the traditional idea about intelligence with Gardener’s. Are there advantages to the traditional format of intelligence testing? How can Gardener’s ideas change the way we assess the strengths and weaknesses of people? . NNE criticism of Gardener’s theory is that he classifies talents as a type of intelligence. Critics might say that a gifted artist or golf progeny is not necessarily smart. How would you reply to this criticism? 3. Gardner suggests that schools must develop assessments that better represent what people will have to do to survive in society. For example, rather than writing an essay about urban development, students studying structures might be asked to determine what kind of building is most appropriate for an urban, residential area.

Imagine you are a Psychology Instructor. Create an assignment, using the principals of Gardener’s theories, that could be used to evaluate what students learn about a pacific topic In Psychology. Remember you are trying to encourage the use of multiple intelligences. 4. How does an understanding of multiple intelligences change how you view your own abilities? Make sure you respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts and take full advantage of this opportunity to ask questions and share Ideas.

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Your responses to your peer’s posts should again be detailed, thoughtful & substantial. A sentence or two reply will not receive credit. Please note that I am looking at two distinct areas when grading your discussions: First, I am looking at the objective criteria and looking to see how many posts you eave done, and the frequency of those posts. If you are posting on Just one day of the week, that will Impact your score In this area. If you are posting only two times per week, that will Impact your score In this area.

Second, I am looking at the subjective criteria and closely examining the quality of your posts. Because this is a college-level course, you are expected to post thorough, well- conceived college-level responses. Responses that consist of a sentence or two and say little more than, “I completely agree with what you said,” will not receive credit. Following are some guldens to follow when posting your responses to the discussion questions. Part of what I will be looking at when grading your discussions is adherence to these guidelines as well as the content of what you post.

I am also looking to make sure that you are answering questions posed by your classmates and me. Remember, no one likes to be ignored! These guidelines apply to all discussions questions throughout the course. 1 . Analyze how your response differs from those of 2. Which answers to you disagree with and why? Try to “sell” your viewpoint to the arson you are responding to along with everyone else who reads your response. 3. Which answers do you agree with and why? Try to add additional information to the response that you agreed with and “close the sale. 4. Respond to “responses to responses” – for example, if someone posts an answer you agree with and another student disagrees, “go to bat” for the person you agree with, building upon the original rationale of his/her and address and try to neutralize each issue in the conflicting response. 5. Make sure anything you post contains only logical and relevant arguments to the issue at hand. It should contain no Judgmental, emotionally charged, accusatory, or inflammatory language. Remember, it is not only what you say, but how you say it. 6. N the middle of the week, after you have read what other students are saying about the topic, you should focus your posting on analysis and synthesis. In other words, take what everyone has been saying and analyze it, discuss what you have learned from reading your classmates’ posts, and say something new about the topic. 7. By the end of the week, you should focus on evaluating everything covered in the discussion. Express your opinions, form conclusions, make Judgments about what you have learned, analyzed, and synthesized, and consider how the material covered in the discussions will be applicable to you.

Instructions: To post to the discussion, click on the “Add a new discussion topic” button below. In the Subject line, enter a descriptive title for your post. You may copy/paste the text of your assignment into the Message text area. Alternatively, you can choose to type directly into the Message area. When you choose this option, please double check to make sure you have spelled everything correctly. Once you eave finished with the message area, please press the “Post to forum” button.

This will complete the submission process for your first post to your discussion assignment. To respond to a classmate’s post, click on their discussion post title. Click on the “Reply” link and respond in the same way in which you did for your first post. Make sure you read your classmates’ posts & respond to at least TWO of them. Remember a sentence or two “l totally agree” or ” I feel the same way” will NOT be acceptable responses. Provide thoughtful response, feedback, opinions, experiences, etc. To receive credit for this assignment.

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