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Other than that, we are also given a chance to think as a visitor and to learn what do visitors need when they travel in Sunway. So that we can share this experience through the presentation and also exchange our ideas. Our report is supported by information that we see, hear and touch. This means that we see it in real life and we gathered all the information needed. To find out the services that provide in Bandar Sunway, we had travel around Bandar Sunway to take some photos as evidence. We have also found some information through the secondary data that already exists in internet like ictures of Monash and Sunway University.

Before we started doing the assignment, our teammates had gathered around to figure out the idea and point together so that we will not be confused once we start doing the assignments. Our information came from the day trip that we travel inside Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Hotel Spa and Resort and the speech our lecturer gave when they introduced the facilities and services to us. CONTENT What makes Sunway city a traveler destination? Sunway city is made a traveler destination because of the variety of buildings and services they offer. Firstly, Sunway has a shopping mall called he Sunway Pyramid.

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It is called the Pyramid because it is basically a mall shaped like a pyramid. The theme inside is inspired and based on an Egyptian design. It has a huge lion replica placed in front of the mall. The Sunway pyramid consists Of approximately 800 shops and stalls. The main attraction of this is there is an ice skating ring placed somewhere in the middle of the mall; it is Malaysia’s largest and the only ice skating ring. Next, the main attraction of Sunway is Sunway lagoon. Sunway lagoon is a theme park where they have many fun activities going on inside.

There is also a Vuvuzela; hich is 11 stories in height and 152 meters in length which can be likened to riding the rapids in a flooding river. Your raft will accelerate into the world’s largest water funnel of 22 meters and you will experience zero gravity. Sunway lagoon also has a wild life park where there are over 1 50 species of animals; including bears and tigers. There IS also a Screampark, which is a huge terror park for those who want to test their guts or if they are manly enough. Other activities that are ATV off-road riding, go-kart racing and bungee jumping are activities that are available there.

Besides that, Sunway has a resort called Sunway Hotel and Resort Spa. This hotel/ resort are rated as 5 stars where they hire experienced spa-therapist who came all the way from Bali and our local workers to do the service. The spa is a traditional and revolutionary advanced health, beauty and relaxation treatment. Lastly, we have our Sunway education group. There is an international school called the Sunway International School. And of course, We have our Sunway University College. Sunway has also linked to an Australian University called the Monash university which is ranked the top 100 in the world.

Educational tourists see this as an attraction, therefore they study here. Who and why do they visit this area? Locals and tourists visit Sunway area because of the entertainment purpose. Bandar Sunway has Sunway Lagoon. Which is one of the largest theme park in Malaysia. After that, ice skating rink, Sunway Pyramid ice skating rink is the first world class ice sports entertainment in Malaysia. The other reason is Sunway Area surrounded with a lot of shopping malls such as Sunway Pyramid, Subang Parade, and Empire Shopping Galley. This is one of the factor people visit this area. Other than that, Soju Sunway, the third outlet in

Malaysia, are popular among the young clubbers. This can attract people who like to clubbing visit this area. For people who like to work out will go to the gym club @ Celebrity Fitness located in Sunway Pyramid. Some people also visit this area for food, for example, recently myBurgerlab has opened its new branch in Sunway area. Besides that, a well-known chocolate dessert shop also opened a new shop in Sunway Pyramid. Sunway area is surrounded with a lot of colleges such as Sunway University, Monash University, Taylors Lake Side Campus and The One Academy that attract a huge amount of local and nternational students visit this area.

Besides that, the Subang area also have Inti College and Taylors College. For business purpose, they visit Sunway because Sunway Pyramid has a large convention center for business men/ women to attend meeting. Sunway Pinnacle and Menara Sunway are the office for business men and women. The Sunway Pinnacle is a new building that had just done their construction few months ago. For the services, there are a lot of automobile services near the Sunway University, sometimes we can see a lot of luxury car in this area. There are two hotels in Sunway area hich is Sunway tower hotel and Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.

The Sunway tower hotel is a budget hotel for people who overnight for 1 or 2 days. The main target is business men/ women travel from other countries who do not want to spend more on the luxury hotel. For the Resort Hotel & Spa, sometimes there are wedding ceremony in the hotel. Their main target is who is richer and willing to spend for the services. Lastly, Medical center, the medical center is very convenient for people who live in the Sunway area. There are also a lot of international patient due to the medical skill of the octor is well-known.

What does visitor need when they are in Sunway? The most important and basic needs in the travel and cuisine industry is food and hotels. Visitors from all around the world have to eat. So restaurants in this area are important for them to find something to eat and also try Our country’s food that are special and only can found in Malaysia. Hotel also important to them because they did not own a house in this area and they might only stay in here for a few days or more temporarily. The type of hotel also important for those who were in family trip, budget visitors, business or ouples.

So the type of hotel also important to attract different types of visitor to visit Sunway and suit their needs. Transportation like taxi, rent car and bus will be the best selection because they not only want to stay in Bandar Sunway, but they also want to travel to other destination like Subang Parade, 101 mall and others. It can convenient them to go to another palace without need to bother about it. Visitors are first time come to Sunway, so they need a map to see where the other building located and it can guide them to that place without wasting time to ask other person.

For those who come to Sunway for more than a week, they need a laundry service to wash their clothes. Because they did not bring a lot of clothes, so that they need to wash their clothes. Visitors that come to Sunway are from many different countries in worldwide. So that, there might have some visitors who are not strong in speaking English. A translator can help to translate their words when needed and they will not feel very weird or troublesome when cannot communicate to others.

We cannot predict that when we travel to other country, we will sick when travel. So, medical service in Bandar Sunway can let the visitors feel elieved when they suddenly get sick. It also can be a good place for those who come to Sunway Medical Center to get a treatment, they can shop to Sunway Pyramid when free and will not waste money and time come from their own country to Sunway just only for consult a doctor. The main purpose that they come to Sunway is that they need some entertainment that can make them feels fun, happy and relax.

Sunway Lagoon will be the best example for everyone regardless you are kids, adults or senior citizen because it is a place that have many waterpark, vuvuzela, 5D movie, restaurant, swimming pools and others. It is a good place for family trips, because it have many facilities that suit for kids and adults to play together and can improve their relationship and relax. Not only Sunway Lagoon, for those who did not like waterpark, they would like to shop at the Sunway Pyramid that located at the middle of Sunway Lagoon and Sunway hotel and resort.

They can buy some souvenir to their friends and family when go back to their country and can buy some special things that only can be found in Malaysia like kuih-muih, Royal Selangor and others. Other than that, most of the travelers like adults, they usually like to drink beer, so a pub will be their est choice to have fun in night. Game station will be a good place for their children when they go to pub. Because pub only allow 18 year old and above to enter. Game station will be the best choice from their parents to put them to prevent them to run away.

Sunway industry has focused its target market in many perspectives. The first one is the educational tourism. Around Bandar Sunway, there are Sunway University, Sunway College, Monash university and also One Academy to satisfy the needs of the Malaysia students and also the foreigners’ students. Besides, Sunway industry also focuses on the medical tourism. There are many foreigners especially people from India that specially came to Malaysia for medical check-up as Malaysia have provided more services and facilities than their own countries. Therefore, Sunway medical become one of the choices for the foreigners to chose.

Thirdly, business man or citizens can also invest In Sunway as Sunway had provided various choices of investment for people to invest and make money. In addition, Sunway Company has target on the domestic tourism by building Sunway pyramid, Sunway Lagoon to fulfill the needs of tourism. Also, they also have target on the luxury tourism that requires for luxury things uch as having branded shop in Sunway pyramid and also the resort and spa for the tourism to stay during their vacation time. What are the business, facilities and services that help to strengthen Sunway city?

When discussing about the ways to strengthen Sunway city as a travel and cuisine destination, it is no doubt to talk about the business, facilities and services that provided by Sunway Company. Firstly, the business that have provided by Sunway Industry. Sunway have built Sunway University and College, Sunway International School in Bandar Sunway and have cooperated with Monash university to provide different needs and requirements from the students. This makes a huge improvement for the Sunway educational industry as it provides education available for students from secondary to university and also the different courses provided.

Besides, Sunway also have its own resort and spa and Sunway hotel to fulfill the different level Of needs from their customers. In addition, Sunway has its Sunway medical that just located in Bandar Sunway and the Sunway Clinic that located in Sunway pyramid. It makes people who seek for medical help easier as it provides lots f apparatus that is needed. For the food and entertainment, Sunway also have Sunway pyramid that provides different country of food such as Korean, Western food and also Sunway Lagoon that able to let people from different ages enjoy in it.

Lastly, there are Sunway properties that can attract people who like to invest and people who have interest in properties. Around Bandar Sunway, there are also few budget hotels that make the tourism who have low budget to stay. Moreover, there are many services that Sunway has provided. There are ATM machine that easier for people who likes to take ash and also western union that is very important especially for the foreigners to take and transfer money within country and country. Besides, Sunway has its own convention center that can have several of party and events.

Also, there are canopy walk that easier people to walk from, free shuttle bus that works from 07:00 in the morning to 22:00 night every day, money changer for people who likes to exchange money especially foreigners and electronic chair for the disable people. In a nut shell, the facilities that Sunway have provided is they have variety choices Of food such as Japanese food, Korean food, fast food and also snacks. Furthermore, in Sunway pyramid, there is cinema, galactic laser, ice skating, game station that provided various entertainments for both domestic tourism and foreigners’ tourism.

In fact, Sunway Pyramid is also one of the shopping mall that provides all these entertainments together. Not to mention, there are also Aeroline transportation in Bandar Sunway that make the tourism and citizens easier to go to other state such as Penang and also Singapore easily. Tourism who would like to go other state also can come to Bandar Sunway rest and hopping and starts again their journey next day. These business, facilities and services have strengthened Sunway city and Sunway has also keep improving by time to time.

What are the travel and cuisine job opportunities offered at Sunway city After we finished the tour to the Sunway city with our class, my group members and I have identified the jobs opportunities that are relevant to the travel and cuisine industry. We have found out that there are several of employment opportunities offered around the Sunway city. We have mentioned the different areas of the jobs offered around the Sunway city, hich is the travel and leisure, serving industry, and the transportation industry. The serving industry offered jobs including the jobs in the hotel and the restaurant.

For example, front desk assistant, hotel room keeper, manager Of department, waiter, chef etc. Sunway city itself also attracted to most of the tourists, It provided travel and leisure support for them, and this also offering more employment opportunities. For example, travel agent and tour guide are available in the Sunway city. Besides, bus and taxi are the main transports in the Sunway city, and these services are also he jobs that offered in Sunway city. For example, the Aeroline, they provided the long distance transportation service.

It helps tourists travel directly to Sunway city. Conclusion In conclusion, Sunway is a great tourist attraction as it has provided many services and not to mention, the buildings and theme parks for business purposes and fun activities. The pyramid mall has an ice skating ring and the Sunway lagoon has a man-made surf beach and a vuvuzela. Sunway resort also offer services such as the spa and massage where they hire professionals to do the job. Besides that, tourists can also use the free shuttle us service provided to travel around Sunway area.

There are also schools for tourists who travel for education to pursue their carrier. Sunway also provides services for doing laundry, a translator for people who do not speak English well. They also have a medical center. Sunway has also provided a free shuttle bus semce for convenience. Other than that, Sunway has offered a variety of job opportunities that include travel and leisure, serving industry, and the transportation industry (aeroline). In a nutshell, Sunway is a great place for tourists to stay and visit. References 1) lmah, Fich (2012-01-13).

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