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Educational institutions decided to adapt the usage of technology to their environment. Traditionally, they assign and record students and teachers to their respective rooms and schedules in usual and manual way in which they will use a simple sheet of either paper or computerized system then later on transfer it to the official sheet. This records will temporarily be seen by other teachers except to their own information, schedules and assigned advisees; will never be seen by students; and will be kept only by the principal and other authorized staff.

So technically when a teacher or student is looking for other teachers or students, it would really give them a hard time to walk around all over the building to find them. With the advent of technology, assigning of schedules and specially in monitoring of individuals on class has improved and became easier in having their room assignment and schedule viewer system. In this chapter, the researchers will introduce Room Assignment and Schedule Viewer for the High School Department of College of St. Catherine Quezon City. This will serve as an overview of how the study was onceptualized.

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This chapter includes the background of the study, information technology innovation, rationale, objective of the study, hypothesis of the study, theoretical framework and conceptual framework of the study, scope and limitation, significance of the study, and definition of terms. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY College Of St. Catherine Quezon City is a private school that is formerly named St. Theresa’s School of Baesa located in 362 Quirino Highway, Sangandaan, Quezon City. Offering Preschool, Grade School, High School, College and Tesda- Accredited Courses.

Mission To provide quality education and guidance that is accessible, beneficial and fair to all. We elevate our students’ talents and knowledge in order to provide a foundation for their future fields of specialization. Vision College of St. Catherine Quezon City aims to establish a learning institution committed to discover and train students in becoming aware of the demands of global competitiveness. We are an organization committed to public service and aim to educate the Filipino child into becoming a good leader and citizen. As a responsible element of the Fllipino Nation, we reach out to those who are less privileged.

Our School Leaders and Administrators are competent, empowered, and reliable individuals who are responsive to the immediate developmental needs of the institution, with regards to security, technology, and learning enhancement Our teachers actively dedicate their talents, efforts, and skills in their desire to mold responsible, intellectual, and well-rounded students. Each one is filled with the passion of an educator, always willing and selfless to provide knowledge and answers to those who seek. With God’s help, We aim to achieve these goals as our service to the Fllipino Nation and people.

Every beginning of the school year, teachers post the list of students assigned to every room and section with the name of the appointed adviser on a piece of paper outside the designated room. Students search room by room just to look for their name on the piece of paper posted by the teacher, which cost them time and Objectives of the Study In completion of this study, the researchers formulated certain objectives that they need to meet. General Objective. TO design and develop the proposed Room Assignment and Schedule Viewer for the High School Department of College of St.

Catherine Quezon City’ Specific Objectives. The following are the specific objectives of the study: 1 . 2. Hypothesis of the Study Ho. There is no significant difference between the existing system and the proposed system. Ha. There is a significant difference between the existing system and the proposed system. Theoretical Framework of the Study In order to understand and analyze the operation of any system, it is important that the programmer must consider the fundamental principle rom which all system operates that is the system theory.

The system theory implies that any system in operation contains three basic factors: the Input, the Process and the Output. Input refers to the data being processed in order to come up with the desired output. Process is being referred as a method from which output is obtained. And the Output pertains to the required result of the procedures applied by the system. Figure 1. 0 Conceptual Framework of the Proposed The Conceptual Framework is the plan formulated from the related studies hat will guide the researchers in the development of the proposed system.

The concepts derived from the various studies and research conducted helped to define how the proposed system will operate and function. This also shows the relationship between the Independent Variable, Dependent Variable and Intervening Variable. Independent variable is the input by the end users. The intervening variable converts input by the end users into output. The dependent variable is the result of the input of the end users after the process. Figure 2. 0 Scope and Limitations Significance of the Study

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