Workshop Summary Worksheet Assignment

Workshop Summary Worksheet Assignment Words: 261

Save this worksheet to your computer with the filename “Your_Name_Workshop_Summary. ” Complete the Classroom Student Workshop Follow-up Survey at the following link: http://wvmw. surveygizmo. com/s3/1979051 ‘Student-End-of-Workshop- Su r,jey. Complete the table by doing the following: Fill in the table by adding your answers to each question. Submit the completed worksheet as an attachment via the Assignment tab. Questions About What You Learned Your Answers

What are the most important concepts or processes you learned in this workshop? am a previous online student of the university of phoenix so the concept is the same however maneuvering around the classroom is very different. really feel that important features from this workshop was anything NEW that have not learned before such as the new set up and new tools. The CWE and CME are helpful tools as well but atleast it is not unfamiliar to use these tools. How will you apply these concepts in your ducational, personal, or professional pursuits?

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Hopefully this new classroom set up will help me in keeping track of my work and assignments so I do not miss out on uneccesary points just because missed a message or an assignment. What other thoughts and observations would you like to add? Although feel the new classroom is helpful totally missed the Group Assignment thing. It was not included in my to-dos so when I looked at it today was like what is this? This is what I am most afraid of. Luckily I caught it ontime.

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