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On our honor, we have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment. Furthermore, we have read the entire report and agree that the content accurately reflects our work. ” EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Overall the Tortoise and the Hare project was a good example of how production works in the real world. The first round was an eye opener for a few teams in that a little more preparation needed to be done than was done. Students in the first round lost anywhere from $95 to $250. The main problem was quality control.

The groups ere more worried about the quantity of tortoises and hares rather than the quality of the folds. Also, the group that brought a paper cutter had the upper hand by far in the first round. The groups between round one and round two learned a lot, the numbers could speak for themselves. In round two the lowest profit made was $65 while the highest was SSL 13. For the most part, In the second round less origami animals were made but more could actually be sold. The groups realized the mindset they needed to have was quality over quantity. Round 1: Profit Results Team # produced Total Profit

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Profit/Member Rank Round 2: Profit Results 3 -249 -$83. 00 2 -$87. 67 Table of Contents Executive Summary Report Body: Introduction Round 1: Preparation Round 1: Analysis -Praetor Chart -Cause and Effect Round 2: Preparation Round 2: Analysis Conclusions Appendices BODY: INTRO: 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 The main focus of the competition is to help students learn how to successfully make a product efficiently and with fewest mistakes as possible. If the product comes out with defects then the consumer will not be satisfied and will not pay as much as the desired amount by the producer.

They also had to focus on the amount of money spent on supplies and how many hours employees spent working on the production. Profit minimization is the main focus of the competition, whoever made the most products with the fewest mistakes, least amount of waste, lowest amount of overtime paid to the employees and the best strategy comes out on top, Just as a real company these goals. ROUND 1 : PREPARATION To best prepare for the competition the team started a group text message to discuss strategies through out the day whenever one came up with a new idea or ay to help make the product more efficient.

This is a good idea because it gives the members a way to interact through out the day at any given time or place. From discussion the team decided it would be best to buy uncut paper and cut it themselves because it is cheaper and a thought easy method. After much contemplation the idea is to use a knife and a straight edge such as a book to cut the paper to make the perfect square for making the tortoise. By folding the paper from one corner to the edge to make it appear as a triangle with a rectangle at the bottom, he team could then place the straight edge where the rectangle met the triangle and cut with the knife.

Once this step is completed they then all three began folding tortoises. From discussion and research and practice, they discovered the tortoise is easier and quicker to make so they only focused on making them. The production method was a huge topic of discussion, assembly line and Job shop both were very useful. After some discussion and a final decision the team decided that each member should Just completely finish the product and then move to the next.

They met and practiced an assembly line and noticed that one member was way faster than another causing the line to bunch up and overfill and underworld some members, also one member was very quick in making products and could nearly double the other members so if needed he was going to work overtime to finish up the unfinished products. From many trial runs the team noticed hares required much more work and critical cuts than the tortoise, so they decided that hare was not a good idea since the main focus is quality and efficiency. ROUND 1 : ANALYSIS

After round one, results showed that the team came out -$263 total with only three acceptable tortoises out of fifteen. From studying the tortoises the members discovered an extra crease on the back of the product from the first crease made to cut the bottom of the paper to make it a perfect square. This crease caused the product to have a defect, which the consumer will not pay full amount for. Also they discovered that some of the creases in the legs and head were not folded perfectly to a point, these are very big defects and also have a large toll on the consumer price ailing to pay.

Finally the team found that the knife was not making perfectly straight entire product measurements. After looking at the results of other teams it was pretty obvious the reason team 4 won is because the paper cutter they brought. Since all teams made tortoises, strategies and quality were the factors. Team 3 used too many members for overtime and still did not produce enough products to cover the cost while team 1 suffered the problem as team members from team 2. Graph 3 is a chart of the quality of team 2 tortoises and graph 4 is a chart of each type of effects that required the team’s attention.

PRAETOR CHART CAUSE-AND-EFFECT BODY ROUND 2: In round 2, Team 2 had a little different view on the whole situation and competition in front of them. The first round was not their best due to their lack of practice and materials. The strategy of the first round consisted of buying two packs often and a pair of uncut pieces of paper, because they thought that it would be easy to use a knife to cut the piece of 8. Xx in rectangle piece of paper in to an 8. Ex.. 5 in square piece of paper, which did not turn out well for the team.

For round two their strategy was to buy two packs of 10 and a single pair of pieces of paper. Also, they wanted to make all of the tortoises as perfect as they could so that they wouldn’t get very many deductions or upset the buyer. Learning from their mistakes the first round by going to way to fast and rushing to try and get all of the tortoises done without thinking about the deductions due to incorrect creases, the team took their time and had more of an assembly line strategy so that the whole team could get involved with the task at hand.

The real strategy was how all of the sales and profit they could make with some of them working overtime or Just one of them working overtime. The first overtime they planned on having only two out of the three will work. The second overtime only one of them worked to finish up two tortoises in that overtime. ROUND 2: ANALYSIS After looking over the lab results of the second round of the test, the team noticed that they did improve their folding technique. Due to this there profit went through the rough compared to the roof compared to the previous round.

This time instead f having only three acceptable tortoises, all 22 tortoises were acceptable. The total revenue made was $490. The total profit was $206, which is split in three ways for the total profit per worker, is $68. 67. Opposed to team four in how they had a cutting board where they could buy the uncut paper then cut all of them into perfect square pieces of paper. Using that technique they had a definite advantage over the other teams because they did not have to buy precut paper, which saved them $60. CONCLUSION: This competition is a very useful project in helping get students interacted with each there.

It made the students communicate, brainstorm and act in way Just as they would as engineers in the real world. By making profit the main focus, students really focused and worked hard to overcome other teams to show who had the best strategies to make the most profit with least amount of work, which is a key focus in today’s manufacturing side of the world. This competition was a very successful project and should not apply to Just engineering classes but business classes as well because it could help save a corporation or someone’s Job could rely on how well they rocker is able to save the company money during a production.

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