Bringing school and home closer together Assignment

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Bringing school and home closer together” We all remember when we were little fighting with our parents or hiding from mom, Just to escape from doing homework. Lately we can see incredible amounts of articles and books against homework. Even in some families, homework is seen as an intrusion of personal and family time. Homework opponents often say that homework does not promote good study habits and we can also find cases where homework rates family tension, when parents find themselves arguing with their children Into completing their homework.

For some, the word ‘homework’ Is associated with the idea that such work Is a necessary evil of attending school. For the others, homework Is a precious opportunity to boost learning. Homework has the potential to help us do well In school If the assignments are meaningful, have a purpose and come with clear instructions. In fact we actually gain several skills each time we sit down to do our homework for example responsibility, because the homework is not a work for anyone else but for us to review what we learned in school.

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We also learn to be perseverant, as we manage to finish our assignments regardless its difficulties. Other skill is self-esteem, completing homework help us develop trust and self-confidence. And last but not least time management. We have to be organized so we can handle in our works when established. Reviewing what we saw In the day can help us to retain better the new Information and we are able to explore more about the topic and get more Involved In the class.

Homework also encourages us to study Independently, and to learn how to use resources such as the library and the internet to do research. “The research data show a correlation between homework and academic achievement for high school students,” writes Clifton, who also notes that the most recent numbers indicate that the average time spent on daily homework by high school students is around 50 minutes per weekday. Considering that school days are generally 6 hours or fewer, it hardly seems unreasonable to add an extra 50 minutes urine the week for completing homework assignments.

In a comparison of homework and Internet or television, Clifton point out that high school students spend an average of two hours and eight minutes dally on Internet, television, or video games. If anything is taking us away from physical exercise and productive When do we have time to read a book? When else do we have time to write an essay or write a research report? This are only made when assigned as homework. Homework works as intellectual discipline, extends the amount of material that can be overfed in school time, establish study habits and reinforce what seen in class.

I’m not in favor of leaving tons of homework when teachers don’t do their Job correctly, but I am completely in favor of teachers giving a good class and the correct amount of homework because this way we can take complete advantage of our chance of learning the most. As Lily Tomlinson said “l like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework. ” We shouldn’t get a wrong and negative idea of homework, I’m inviting you to see homework as an opportunity to learn and progress.

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