Going Abroad: The Decision Process Assignment

Going Abroad: The Decision Process Assignment Words: 494

Abroad How would you select who should go abroad on extended loan? I would take in consideration that this overseas assignment will be undesired by probably most workers of the company. However, this will have a negative outcome on who will get picked but it has to be done in favor for the company’s reputation. I will personally look at each individual case to sort out who does have a family with children and who doesn’t. The ones who do not have children and or wives/ cabanas I will prefer because they got less to scarify but their work performance have to be satisfactory.

I also will look for positive work attitude and ability to lead and if he or she understands the work they will have to perform and represents the policy of our company at best. I will treat everyone the same in this decision making process but I need to make a decision fits the company and not the individual at best. I will choose a worker that has the potential to be a manager and is a strong leader ND well accepted in the group, who has to go to represent the company professionally and in a positive attitude.

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I will communicate and make a decision with him who he would like to take with him and match It with my Ideas of who I think the company will need here at the home base. After the decision Is made I will approach these Individuals and tell them that they have been chosen for this assignment and that the company Is relying on them to perform at their best. I will tell them why they need to go and that this Is In best Interest of the company. They will accept It if likeable or not.

What are some major factors that would Influence your decision process? Like mentioned I take the work ability, attitude, and knowledge of Job and leadership skills Into my decision process mixed with the Individual’s family situation. I think If some who got a family with children would be chosen over a worker with none, could cause a negative attitude within the workers. Then If a worker has to make many changes and the cost would be too high he simply could perform as the company wishes for.

Ones I have separated these workers with family and the ones who have none, I will Initiate the next decision process step. First the most Important decision for me Is to pick out the one worker who has the best leader ability because he or she has to make wise decision In this time period. HIS or her decision will reflect on the company and will have to be chosen wisely of me. The major factors of my decision making process Is work performance, working knowledge, attitude, family situation and leadership skills.

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