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Another technique of personal time management is proportioning the time in academic life. Proportioning the time is keeping a time log for seven days which is 168 hours (des. Elaine & Leslie, 2006). There are three term of time log which are have to do, ought to do, and like to do on activities.

The things that have to do are much is done on each week in highest priority such as eating, sleeping, attending lectures or tutorials class and others. Next is considering ought to do what is person support to do. These are not a high rarity but need preparation to contribute the important goals such as conducting research studies, a phone call to the family, outdoor game like playing football or playing badminton, and others. Lastly, consider like to do items. These are lower priority but need to contribute the unimportant goals. The unimportant goals may be fun and exciting and give some relax or others activities.

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When someone is enabling to manage the time more effectively, it will be reduce stress in academic life (des. Elaine & Leslie, 2006). Time wasters are also a technique of personal time management (des. Elaine & Leslie, 2006). There are two types of time wasters which is the self- inflicted time wasters and external time. The self-inflicted time wasters include procrastination, perfectionism, self-discipline, worrying, personal disorientation, over commitment, and lack of priorities. When you are a student on procrastination, make sure that must be finished your things by setting a deadline and then sticking to it.

Perfectionism occurs when student is engrossed to do something that not trying to do in other tasks. Self- discipline is important to a course of study when doing a work may not be too official. Personal disorientation is to remain focus what are your doing for your task before starting the new one. Over commitment is telling a student to say ‘no’ on the lives. A student may said ‘no’ to someone when invite to play or drink something. External time wasters include telephone, visitors, intrusions, television, traveling, waiting, coffee bar conversation, and crises.

When telephone is ring, ask someone to answer it or use an answering machine. The meaning visitor on personal time management is telling your friend that you are busy now and invite you on the other time when free. If watching television programmed, measure you are not be able to watching another television programmed when watching a favorite programmed (des. Elaine & Leslie, 2006). REDUCE STRESS It is easily to use the technique of personal time management on my academics life. Firstly, I will manage my own budget for my money when am coming for university life without accompany by parent.

Next, I will manage my own time by into two parts which is study and recreational activities. When am studying, have to find some information by internet, lecturer and the classmate. It is a better way to learn when I revising for the examination. A recreational activity such as sport, drama can help me to reduce the stress on my academic life. According to Erin R. Wheeler (n . D. ), time management is an essential factor to reduce stress. They can manage their own time by complete the assignment early better rushing to do an assignment or cramming for test. In conclusion, successful time management is one of the important in academic life.

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