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We provide fresh astries and fresh roasted micro-lot coffee everyday for our customers. Some Of our signature drinks here at Tierra Mia are the Mocha Mexicano, Horchata Latte, Coco Loco Latte, Cubano con Leche, Horchata Frappe, and Mojito Mint Tea Lemonade. So, why has our small company grown so much in last 6 years and have so many hits on Yelp? Here’s why, because it tastes so good! Here atTierra Mia we import our coffee beans from Honduras , Ethiopia , EI Salvador , Mexico , and Panama , to name a few. The coffee beans are purchased green and are then roasted in our Pico Rivera location. The offees arrive to us green and unroasted and we apply highly analytical and rigorous roast practices to bring out the best flavors of each bean. ” Meaning, the coffee we are drinking is fresh and good quality! Founder, Ulysses Romero, hopes to open as many Tierra Mia locations as Starbucks. And for that, he needs a marketing plan that will attract more customers and keep our customers coming back. Strategic Focus and Plan Tierra Mia Coffee strategys focus and plan is divided into three sections: the mission statement, goals/aspirations, and the company’s core competency/ sustainable competitive advantages.

Mission Statement Tierra Mia Coffee’s mission is to bring a new taste to sociality by providing fresh coffee, beverages and pastries that reflects the Latin American culture. Goals/ Aspirations Most of our goals are worked around and consist of our customers. Without them there really is not a Tierra Mia. So with that in mind, we would like to start a customer appreciation program where we can give back to those customers that are reliable and consistent in coming to our store with gift cards and a possible rewards card.

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Customer appreciation would consist of those that are regularly buying our product to raise a bracket so they can arn points to redeem at our locations. More to be said on this customer appreciation program to come. We give back to the environment by cutting cost on waste used and water conservation. We are big on recycling and would encourage our customers to do the same; we try to lead by example. We as well conserve energy by reducing 10% of energy consumption in the few years. This may not seem like much but we are not that big of a company to have outstanding energy consumption.

We have a dream that we would like to attain and that dream is to ultimately open as many stores (if not ore) as our leading competitor, Starbucks. If we continue at the rate we are going now than we have a great chance of meeting this goal in the mere future and have everyone saying, “Starbucks, Who? ” Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage In terms of core competency, Tierra Mia Coffee seeks to reach a unique ability: (1) Bring flavor Of the Latino culture (2) Bring our customers a unique taste of Mexican/southwest coffee. In a nutshell, we work with having a combative advantage.

Our company works with key suppliers to bring the Latino taste and heritage in California. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: Tierra Mia Coffee pays top dollar for their coffee beans to be grown, anywhere from 100-400% the average fair value. They spend this because they want their customers to have the best coffee that they can have. They can easily outshine other coffee shops with a distinctive and artful cup of flavorful coffee brewed from freshly roasted beans. We have a traditional way of making coffee, it leads our customers away from the more modern look that others have.

Weaknesses: because they spend such a vast amount on the coffee beans and farming they could easily go out of business do to overspending. Management of this self-owned business is different; we hire from the street and invest in others that have knowledge in the field as best we can. Opportunities: Targeting a new market could potentially bring in revenue that others cannot generate. Potential drought that IS causing competitors coffee beans to grow smaller, our locations for farms have yet to be effected. Threats: Coffee Beans could possibly be affected in the mere future from the drought that is occurring in South America.

The technology is slightly behind the competitors. We still use the Probat 3 barrel sample roaster from 1965; if it ain’t broke, dont fix it. Competitor analysis LA Caf© is an urban 24-hour caf© that sells brewed coffee, teas, blended drinks, smoothies and pastries. They also sever breakfast, lunch and dinner. LA Caf© as two perks: (1 ) Free Wi-Fi (2) 24-hour delivery. They average about 3 h stars out of five stars on yelp. They have a total of 71 7 reviews. Based on the reviews majority of their costumers complain about their orders being wrong and the bad quality food.

Although LA Caf© is more development and offers the 24-hour delivery they are having a difficult time satisfying their costumers. The quality of the food is eing neglected and they are not consistent with their orders. Tierra Mia’s mission is to introduce the Latin American taste to their costumers. So, if we focus on the quality of our product we can outshine LA Caf©. Urth Caf© is also an urban caf© that sells brewed coffee, teas, blended drinks, smoothies and pastries. Just like LA Caf©, they also sever breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All Urth Caf© products are 100% organic. They average about 4 stars out of 5 stars on yelp and they have a total of 2495 reviews. Their reviews are all good. Urth Caf© can be an example for what Tierra Mia can be in the future. With he influence of the Latin American culture, Tierra Mia can expand to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Customer Analysis Founder, Ulyses Romero, is focused in starting a business that caters to the Hispanic community. He said, “it’s a growing demographic. ” (Lurie, par. 2) And from the looks of it, he’s right.

Hispanic students enrolled in college reached a new high in 2011. “For the first time, the number of 18- to 24-year-old Hispanics enrolled in college exceeded 2 million and reached a record 16. 5% share of all college enrollments. ” (Fry/Lopez. par. 2). Most college students don’t start drinking coffee until they start college. College life, especially during finals, can be very hectic and stressful. Finishing homework assignments, staying up late to study for exams, and still having to wake up the next morning to attend class and actually be cognitive to learn the class’ lesson.

Drinking a cup Of coffee before class is must to get energy for the day and be able to function. Having a coffee shop near a college campus is beneficial to our company. Not only can we provide lower cost and a great cup of strong coffee, Tierra Mia’s new rewards program can also save college students money by giving them a free cup of coffee for every 5 cups they urchase. In college, where every dollar counts, rewards like these are important to save some money. Company Analysis ambiance is great as well.

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