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Starbucks Environmental Scan Starbucks is a company in which purchases and roasts high quality whole bean coffees and sells them along with fresh, rich-brewed, Italian style espresso beverages, a variety of pastries and confections, and coffee-related accessories and equipment (starbucks. com). During my environmental scan in which took place at the Starbucks on the corner of Fair and Newport across the street from vanguard, I noticed many things in which where never brought to my attention in prior stays and visits at Starbucks; such as the many social groups in which choose to have their meetings at Starbucks.

Thus in this essay we will discuss things in which many people do not really notice when going to Starbucks. The first question in which is asked of me for this assignment is, what is the demographic make-up of their customers? During my scan at this particular Starbucks the average age of each customer was from the low to mid-twenties, but then there are the occasional older folks in which would bring in there children of which where the ages of twelve and younger. When asked about the ethnicity of which the customers are, Starbucks holds no boundaries to that question.

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During my stay there where many races in which where there such as Hispanics, Caucasians, African-American, and there where also other races in which I do not even know the name of in which where there. The socio-economic level of most customers seemed very high, it seemed as if everyone there is well educated and it seemed as if most people in which where there are attending college our have attended college. Another question in which was asked of me was; what do the customers order? Since my scan was done at night most drinks that where ordered where hot.

Also some people would order a pastries with there drinks in which could be a coffee cake, or a chocolate espresso browny, or one of the other pastries in which where offered. People ordered many different types of drinks such as hot chocolate, vanilla creme, and coffee. An item in which people also order but was rare is the sandwiches in which Starbucks makes daily. While listening to what people order there was a coffee language in which was used a lot and one that every customer knew, this language was the language in which told the employees what size of drinks they wanted.

The words in which they spoke where tall, grande, and venti; tall stood for small, grande was for a medium, and venti was for a large drink. This language was spoken by every customer and each spoke it fluently. What is the decor of the store? The store was decorated with many modern and urban furniture and lights; there are also many pictures and posters of bean plantations, and other places around there world in which they have received coffee beans from. All of the furniture in the store was oversized and are all very comfortable.

All of the furniture seemed very warming and comfortable before even taking a seat in it, but once you sat down you would not want to get out of your seat because the chairs are very relaxing. The merchandise of the store is very well placed, they are placed in an area in which has easy access to and it most often is the first thing in which you see when you walk into the store. The merchandise is placed both on shelves on the wall and in different places while you are walking through the store.

The employees at Starbucks are very nice and they will answer any questions that you may have either about the store or about the drinks in which they offer. The thing about the workers is that they are all upbeat and like there jobs. Since they like there jobs it shows through the way that they work. The people working there were all upbeat, made drinks at a rapid paste, and they never got a single order wrong while I was there. Since most of the people that work there are very knowledgeable it is very easy to have a conversation with them.

Furthermore since all of the people have very good communication skills and show care for all of there customers many tend to develop a relationship with the people that go there on a daily basis. Even with me, even though I was only there for a little more than an hour they all were talking and joking around with me as if they have knew me for months and did not just meet me that day. Thus through my experience it seems as if Starbucks has the best employees when it comes to interaction with there customers.

Also all of the staff members seem as if they all like each other, because they all work very well together and it seems as they are having a fun time while they are at work, since they all get along and joke with each other. When it comes to whether people take there drinks to go or drink them in the store, on the most part it seemed as if everyone that got a drink stayed and drank there drinks in the store. The reason why most people where getting drinks and staying at the store was because most of the people in which came during that time where college students and they where all having there study groups inside since it is worm and quiet.

Also when people came to Starbucks most came in a group and keep conversation within there group, but then there was the occasional person in which came by themselves but in that case they either took there drink to go or they had a book with them in which they sat down and read it while having a cup of coffee. On a side note something that I realized is that Starbucks is known world wide as a place in which you can come get a cup of coffee and relax.

For example while doing my scan there was a group of around six people in which you could tell that they where from out of town and most likely out of state, and the reason why these people came into Starbucks was so that they could get a drink and relax for an hour or so and then get on with there trip. By doing this environmental scan it made me realize that Starbucks is a place for people to get a drink, sit down, relax, and get things done wither it be homework, talking to someone they have not seen in a while or hold a business meeting.

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