CONFIDENTIAL REPORT Assignment Words: 1204

The walls in the room ere apple green which is very soothing to the eyes. The color would not distract the subject from his school work. The centralized airconditioned room allows the subject to feel more comfortable in his surroundings. The white vinyl floor makes the room feel cold and sterile. The size Of the table, chairs, cabinets, and appliances were also the correct height for the subject. There were no paintings hanging on the wall. The room has a normal lighting. Also, the room contained a cabinet full of gadgets like Ps3, Ps4, Xbox, and so on and so forth.

The observation began as the subject came home from his riend’s house. The subject entered the dining area quietly as if no one is around him; the subject later on went straight to his room for 4 minutes and then came back to the living room carrying books (including a bible) and pencils. The subject sat near his grandmother. The subject started browsing his assignment notebook. The subject browsed his notebook for 3 minutes as if he is looking for something very important then later on showed an irritated Page 1 of 5 face.

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The subject shouted loudly calling the attention of his uncle who is currently cooking. The uncle later on went to the living room to confront why he subject is shouting. The subject politely asked the uncle to accompany him tomorrow to his classmate’s house for him to copy the homework that he missed because he was not able to attend his class yesterday. The uncle told the subject that he already copied the home works, the uncle went to his room and then went back to the living room to give a piece of paper to the subject. The subject was instructed to memorize a bible verse for his quiz tomorrow.

The subject claimed that he already memorized the verse. The uncle told the subject to recite it for him but the subject laugh and then told im that he was just kidding around, that he still does not know the verse. The uncle told the subject again to memorize it and then leaves the living room. The subject is seated comfortably (Indian seat) on the wooden chair, and started reading loudly, memorizing the verse verbatim. After 3 minutes of seating in an Indian seat way, the subject later on changed position, one foot is folded and the other one is hanging down.

The subject’s older brother arrived, turned on the television and then started playing play station 4. The subject got distracted, instead of memorizing the long bible verse, he just atched his brother playing his favorite game named ‘The Last of Us”, an action-adventure survival horror video game where the player uses firearms, improvised weapons and stealth to defend against hostile humans and zombie-like creatures infected by a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus. The game uses a third-person perspective. The game involves gunfights, melee combat, and a cover system.

The subject later on went in front of the television, seat in an Indian seat way again and joined his brother playing the game and Page 2 of 5 then later on told his brother that he will review first. The subject returned to his original seat and then started memorizing again. The subject seemed very distracted of the game’s sound so he told his brother to turn it off because he can’t focus on his work, the brother refused and told the subject to just go to his room so that no one will distract him. The subject told his brother that he is not comfortable with his room, that he might fell asleep.

The brother just told the subject “Bahala ka jan”, the subject talked back saying “Bahala ka din jan”. The subject ignored his brother and continued memorizing. The subject s looking at the television, swinging his foot horizontally abduction while memorizing loudly. The subject cannot pronounce some English words correctly. Some of his tagalog words are also mispronounced like “Kase” which he pronounced as “isi”. After 16 minutes, the subject was done memorizing; he later on reached for his other book and started browsing it.

While browsing he started singing loudly “Whoops Kirin and danced while seating, he is moving his hips circularly. For 2 minutes, he is dancing and singing. The subject also is talking to himself, something about the book he is eading “Dapat hindi to ganto, dapat ganito to”. The subject later on reached for his bible and browsed it finding the “Romans” section, he is browsing the bible in a landscape way. While browsing, he is also playing with his foot fingers for seconds. After browsing for minutes, he later on found the Romans section, he shouted “Ayun! “.

The subject yawn and the observer while watching him also yawn, like it IS some kind of contagious act. The subject later on told himself the he wants to eat Sbarro pizza and then laid his eyes on the television. The subject is staring at the television while mouth opened s if he is being hypnotized. The subject’s mother came and told him to eat his Page 3 of 5 dinner but he is still staring at the television, ignoring the presence of his mother. The mother went to the dining area to get the subject’s food and went back to the living room to give it to him.

The subject later on noticed his mother and told her that he wants pizza, the mother told him that they will buy pizza tomorrow. The subject started eating at 8:06 and ended up at 8:35, because while eating, he is also watching his brother play. I started observing the subject at 7:35 and ended up at exactly 8:05, there are problems that ccurred while observing, like I cannot concentrate well on observing because am just near the subject, he might think that am doing some secret agent stuffs, and I was a little bit distracted by the loud noise of the television, the sound of the gun shots and everything.

Also, the subject is my youngest brother. Before observing him, I asked first the permission of my parents, just asked them, I did not present any letters, and they agreed in return that I will let them read my report. It seems like do not know my brother very well, it was my first time paying attention to his actions, and was disappointed at yself that time. I should have done this before with my other little siblings. From what I have noticed, my brother used words and actions as a means of communication.

He uses hand gestures while talking to our uncle. And I also noticed that he is talking to himself sometimes, I have read multiple literatures about private speech and for that reason, there’s nothing wrong with talking to ourselves at all. I have read a study conducted by Dr. Adam Winsler of George Mason university Page 4 of 5 deduced that kindergarten kids who talk to themselves are more confident, articipating actively during class compared to their more introverted peers.

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