The Ethnography Project Assignment

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The Ethnography Project Assignment Ethnography is the recording of observations. The subjects of the recordings draw upon social Interactions and relationships, hence, the close association of ethnography with sociology. Instructions For this project, you will select a socio-linguist group-?a specific community of language users. Your task is to observe 1) the arena(s) of language use, and 2) record examples of miscommunication. Selection of a Socio-Linguistic Community Identify a venue from which you can observe a group of people unknown or unfamiliar to you.

For this project (given the objectives of the course), they should be beakers of English. For example, the place may be a restaurant, a mall, a church or place of worship (not your own), a business or store, an educational setting, a sporting event, a senior citizen community, a hair salon, etc. Activity Observe the group of communicators for ten to fifteen minutes; avoid observing highly fluid groups and fast changing Interactions such as customers In a fast food line or cashier’s counter.

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Identify key words, phrases, and expressions reflected In their discussions or conversations. Jot down Just the key words, phrases, and expressions that occur In their discussion or conversation. Notice how conversations immense, linguistic expressions (space fillers, expletives, idioms, and kinetic- linguistic expressions-?”high fives, for example, and other idiosyncratic features of language use associated with the group). Listen specifically for examples of miscommunication. Note the language expressed and language reactions that indicated the miscommunication.

Composing the Report Drawing upon your observations and notes, include the following sections: Orientation Introduce the background of your observation-?identify the time, setting, situation, and the target group (number of people, approximate ages, other distinguishing characteristics). Explain your vantage point-?what you could see and not see, for example; what you could hear and not hear. Findings Compose a literal paraphrase of the conversation, inserting key words, expressions, and statements that you recorded in your notes.

Analysis Identify the arena(s) of language use you observed. Cite specific words and phrases that reflect those arenas. Identify one or more examples of miscommunication. Recreate the verbal exchange as you can, drawing upon your notes. Identify the type(s) of miscommunication the exchange(s) represent. How were the miscommunication resolved or addressed by members of the group. Recommendation(s) Explain how the miscommunication might have been avoided. What correctives would you suggest to the group you observed for avoiding similar miscues In conversations.

Submission Submit both your formal report-?reflecting the organization or outline above-?along with photocopies of the notes from your initial observations. Grading Criteria the group you observed and the data drawn from its interactions 2) Your ability to discriminate arenas of language use from your observations.

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