Observation Project Fall Assignment

Observation Project Fall Assignment Words: 404

The purpose of this project is for you to observe the interactions, communications and activities that take place in a group. You have noticed a few things while working in your groups throughout the semester, but as an outsider looking in, you will find that much more takes place in a group than just what you experience as a member of a group. You will be required to observe, evaluate, analyze and take detailed notes regarding what evolves in a live group people.

The group you choose can be one in which you have participated in or are a member of, but at the time of observation, do not want you to be participating at all. You need to be merely observing. You are required to observe for a minimum of 1-2 hours. If you have any questions on whether the group you choose will be appropriate and acceptable for this assignment, please run it by me first for approval. Upon completion of your observations, I want you to write an analysis of what you noticed as the group interacted.

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Each focus area is worth 5 points. Focus on the following: The type of group you observed, how many members were in the group, the setting/atmosphere in which you observed them, etc. Identify the task of the group. Next tell how you would evaluate the group’s productivity. Make an assessment of the group’s productivity. Identify the norms and the roles of the group/group members. Provide evidence of each norm’s existence. Describe the types of roles of each member accepted in the group.

Evaluate the effect each norm has on the group’s productivity. Evaluate the group’s cohesiveness. How did the cohesiveness affect the group’s productivity? Did the group follow the group development process (forming, storming, morning and performing) we discussed in class? Was there conflict in the group or within individual group members that affected the productivity of the group? If so, explain how the group resolved the problems.

Include anything else that you have observed that added to or disrupted the group’s success. The paper must be computer-generated, double-spaced, free from typographical and grammatical errors, and correctly sited in PAP or MEAL format and will need to be approximately 4 pages in length. Your observation notes will also be required for submission so be sure to take detailed notes.

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